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Apply for FAMIA

Applications are now being accepted.

The FAMIA designation is designed to recognize AMIA members who:

  • Apply informatics skills and knowledge within their professional setting
  • Demonstrate professional achievement and leadership through the practice of informatics in their professional setting
  • Provide sustained commitment to the betterment of AMIA through engagement in various AMIA activities


Please be sure to read all steps prior to applying.

Choose your pathway:

Complete the application by July 17, 2024

Application Steps

Step 1

Review the following pages:

Step 2

Determine your Eligibility Pathway that aligns with your education and/or certification.

  • Certification Pathway
  • Long-Term Experience Pathway

Step 3

Purchase the $200 non-refundable application fee in the AMIA Online Store. Your email receipt will contains the invoice number that is required during the application process.

Step 4

Prepare and collect the following documents for your pathway:

List of documents (Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, jpeg)

  • Invoice number from purchase of FAMIA Application through AMIA’s Online Store
  • Copy of diploma (highest level of education is sufficient for the application)
  • Copy of certificate(s) as applicable
  • Copy of CV or resume
  • Long-Term Experience Pathway applicants only; completed ICQ Form
  • Contact information for AMIA Peer Recommender

Step 5

Complete the application

  • To begin your application, choose your pathway application link below to log in or create an account in the application software
  • Save if you need to leave the application and return; and submit when you have completed the application.
  • Your AMIA Member login credentials will not work. FAMIA applications are housed in © SmarterSelect application software. If you have created a previous account for past AMIA applications, participated as an evaluator or reviewer use the same email to retrieve your login credentials. If you do not have a © SmarterSelect account with AMIA, create a new account in © SmarterSelect.

Step 6


  • Upon submission of the application, an auto-generated email is sent to the recommender asking them to submit their recommendation. They are presented with 5 yes or no questions and asked to write a paragraph (maximum 500 words) stating why they believe the applicant is qualified for FAMIA and submits their recommendation.

Step 7

Application Review

  • Applications are reviewed for alignment with eligibility requirements by a subgroup of FAMIA Members

Step 8

FAMIA applicants will be notified of the results

Questions? Please review the FAMIA FAQ page or contact Kara Mathews.

Important Dates

  • May 29: FAMIA applications open
  • July 17: Application deadline
  • August 7: Recommender deadline
  • October 2024: FAMIA notifications sent