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Dear AMIA Members,

The AMIA Careers in Health Informatics is a recent project where AMIA members from across the organization gathered to draft a description of career stages and roles found within the profession.  The goals of the project included the production of:

  • a multi-dimensional framework that applies to health informatics careers in research, practice, academics, government, and industry;
  • an information source for prospective and current professionals about health informatics career paths;
  • a contemporary yet forward-looking foundational description of health informatics careers in the United States that can evolve with the profession.

Member Feedback

Deadline: December 15, 2022

Take the survey

We are now sharing the draft report with key stakeholder groups in the AMIA membership seeking feedback on the preliminary output including (1) HI Career Stages (2) HI Roles: Focus Areas and Work Settings. 

We ask that you read and review the Career Stage and Roles draft document and complete the survey by December 15, 2022.

The survey is structured to allow for segmentation of the results.  When the collection is complete, survey data and comments will be collocated and shared with leadership of AMIA Working Groups and Communities. AMIA’s membership groups are then welcomed to provide direct formal responses about the Health Informatics Careers Project with the AMIA Board of Directors concerning the content of the current version of the report.     

Contact Jeff Williamson of the AMIA staff with questions.

Philip R.O. Payne, PhD
AMIA Board of Directors