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Empowering the cancer continuum and beyond with integrated clinical data

Cerner leaders discussed how they're using integrated data to impact patient care, empower organizations to improve operational performance and support therapeutic cancer research. Viewers learned how data sharing can enable clinicians, health systems and life sciences researchers to make informed decisions and draw impactful discoveries that support patients in their [...]

The Evolution of Electronic Case Reporting and Its Impact on Public Health Response

Watch an expert-led panel discussion examining the advantages of electronic case reporting (eCR) and eCR Now FHIR-based application. Presenters reviewed eCR to understand how it enabled informed public health surveillance and planning and played a role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presenters also discussed the implementation of a FHIR app and how it provides a more innovative and sustainable approach to eCR. Additionally, they explore the next evolution of eCR and potential future applications of the technology.

Using Machine Learning to Help Predict Opioid Use Disorder Risk

How could predicting a patient’s risk for Opioid Use Disorder in the next 6 months positively impact patient care? Cerner’s Opioid Use Disorder predictor aims to reduce overdose and increase access to treatment by informing emergency department clinicians if a patient is at risk for a future opioid use disorder [...]