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If you are running for a working group position, please complete the following information and upload your photograph (TIFF or JPEG format, 150 dpi or less). As you submit information, click the “save draft’ button from time to time so you do not lose information that you already inputted. Your biographical information and photo will appear on AMIA’s online election ballot if you are selected by the applicable nominating committee. You may request to view and edit your public ballot listing before the elections open.

All AMIA leaders have an obligation to make decisions and conduct affairs of the organization based, first and foremost, upon the desire to promote AMIA and its mission. The term “leaders” refers to three groups: (1) AMIA employees; (2) members of the Board of Directors, committee chairs, task force chairs, and general committee members when their particular committees are empowered or charged with making AMIA policy or ethics recommendations (such individuals are also referred to as “agents”); and (3) committee members (excluding for instance the Policy and Ethics committees’ members because they are covered above as agents) and elected working group leaders. Individuals who run in any AMIA election are required to complete a COI form prior to the election.

Working Groups consider candidates whose experience and interest aligns with the current needs of the board of directors/the strategic plan. This year, your experience working with strategic partners, participation in new initiatives and connection with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are of particular interest.

Working Groups will evaluate nominees based on the following major criteria: increasing racial and ethnic diversity of volunteers, as well as balance across institutional, sector and informatics focus area; candidates’ informatics expertise; evidence of strategic thinking; previous AMIA participation and engagement; and an overall ability to enhance AMIA’s strategic vision and mission. We recommend that self-nominees emphasize their characteristics and qualifications accordingly in the form below.

Biographical Information

The deadline for submission of this information form and your photograph is June 30, 2021.

If you are running for a board position, please fill out this form instead.

I agree with the terms and conditions stated above.
I have completed my COI form (If you haven't completed the COI form, please go to COI online form and complete it.)
Working Groups
Working Group position for which you are nominating yourself:
(participation in AMIA committees, working groups, etc)
Insert your personal statement which normally includes why you are interested in running for this position(s), what you will bring to AMIA and any other information you think is appropriate.
File name must include your full name.
One file only.
256 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
Race (check the race with which you identify)
Before you submit, please review your information carefully.

After you submit your information for a board position, you will have an opportunity to nominate yourself for a working group position, if desired.