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The AMIA DEI Committee is hosting a reading group for the book On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life by Sara Ahmed.

All AMIA members are welcome to participate.  We think the mix of members and leaders from across the organization will yield a rich discussion and opportunities to learn with and from each other.

We all have the ability to operationalize DEI within our organization by positioning ourselves as DEI educators, learners, and champions.

Read Along and Join the Discussions

We’ve developed a series of contact points (Connect, Zoom and in-person) to connect people to the readings with thoughtful discussion questions and safe spaces to share.  The DEI Book Club discussion threads live in AMIA Connect Communities. You can join in or read along with the group.

People access learning differently and we want all members to feel welcome whether they join the group discussion or read independently and follow along.

The book club runs January – March 2023. The first group discussion is January 5-9 in an AMIA Connect online discussion. Check the calendar below.  Reminders will be sent through the community.

Join the AMIA Connect Community

It’s easy to join the community.  You must be an active 2023 AMIA member to participate so don’t forget to renew or join!  

Join the DEI Book Club Community

Note: If it’s your first time in AMIA Connect you will need to accept terms before navigating to the community.

Why Are We Reading This Selection?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a strategic initiative for AMIA. Understanding how the DEI lens applies to the work we do in AMIA as members and volunteers will help us create a more inclusive and sustainable organization.  AMIA is a place of learning and community. Learning about DEI and empowering ourselves with opportunities to discuss DEI helps us think and act in more inclusive ways.

The DEI Committee leaders are asking all members to be partners with us on this journey as we discuss the book, participate in honest and vulnerable conversations, and hold space for messy ideas and emotions. There’s no expectation for any of us to be experts on DEI.

We are all still learning and growing and creating spaces where we can do so safely. Just beginning the discussion is progress.

DEI Book Club Leadership

The DEI Book Club effort is co-led by the Education, Governance, and Policy subcommittee (Co-chairs: Tony Solomonides and Juan Espinoza) and DEI committee volunteers who spark discussions on AMIA Connect and the live online and in-person gatherings.  

DEI Book Club Reading Calendar

Date Event Chapters Discussion Leaders
Jan. 5-9 AMIA Connect DEI Book Club Community online Chapters 1 & 2
Pages 1-82
Suzanne Bakken, Robert Lucero
Jan. 25 DEI Book Club Zoom Happy Hour
Includes Zoom breakouts for small group connection -Small groups 4-5 (recorder/presenter) rejoin full group discussion.
Feb. 5-9 AMIA Connect DEI Book Club Community online Chapter 3 & 4
Pages 83-140
Kim Unertl
Mar. 13-16 AMIA Connect In-Person at the Informatics Summit, Seattle WA DEI Book Club Community Happy Hour Discussion Open to all at Summit. Date and time TBA Chapter 5 & Conclusion
Pages 141-187
Mar. 29 AMIA DEI Book Club Live Webinar
Zoom – (Large and small group break out)


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