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Past Winners


Crowdsourcing with Enhanced Data Quality Assurance: An Efficient Approach to Mitigate Resource Scarcity Challenges in Training Large Language Models for Healthcare

  • Prosanta Barai, Gondy Leroy, Prakash Bisht, Joshua Rothman, Sumi Lee, Jennifer Andrews, Sydney Rice, Arif Ahmed (UArizona, UCSD)


Timeline Registration for Electronic Health Records

  • Shiyi Jiang, et al.


Multi-Site Testing of an Opioid Prescribing Electronic Clinical Quality Measure Following Elective Primary Total Hip and/or Total Knee Arthroplasties

  • Avery Pullman; Mica Curtin-Bowen; Ania Syrowatka; Alex Businger; Michael Sainlaire; Stuart Lipsitz; David Bates; Patricia Dykes


Preferential MoE: Interpretable Models that Rely on Human Expertise As Much As Possiblew

  • M. Pradier, J. Zazo, S. Parbhoo, Harvard University; R. Perlis, Massachusetts General Hospital; M. Zazzi, University of Sienna; F. Doshi-Velez, Harvard University


A Comparative Analysis of Speed and Accuracy for Three Off-the-Shelf De-identification Tools

  • Paul Heider, Jihad Obeid, Stephane Meystre, Medical University of South Carolina


Efficient Active Learning for Electronic Medical Record De-identification

  • Muqun Li, Vanderbilt University/Privacy Analytics; Martin Scaiano, Google; Khaled El Emam, Privacy Analytics; Bradley Malin, Vanderbilt University