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The AMIA Student Paper Competition is held annually at the AMIA Annual Symposium and at the Informatics Summit.

First place receives the Martin Epstein Award. Learn more about Martin Epstein and his contributions to the informatics community.

Current and Past Winners

Annual Symposium Student Paper Competition

1st Place (Martin Epstein Award): Do Traditional BMI Categories Capture Future Obesity? A Comparison with Trajectories of BMI and Incidence of Cancer

  • C. Watson, University of Manchester, Manchester Cancer Research Centre, NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre; N. Geifman, University of Manchester

2nd Place: Characterizing Database Granularity Using SNOMED-CT Hierarchy

  • A. Ostropolets, Columbia University; C. Reich, IQVIA; P. Ryan, Epidemiology Analytics, Janssen Research & Development; C. Weng, Columbia University; A. Molinaro, F. DeFalco, Epidemiology Analytics, Janssen Research & Development; J. Jonnagaddala, S. Liaw, University of New South Wales Sydney; H. Jeon, R. Park, Ajou University Graduate School of Medicine; M. Spotnitz, K. Natarajan, Columbia University; K. Kostka, G. Argyriou, IQVIA; R. Miller, A. Williams, Tufts Medical Center, Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies; E. Minty, University of Calgary; J. Posada, Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research; G. Hripcsak, Columbia University, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

3rd Place: Mental Health Comorbidity Analysis in Pediatric Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Rhode Island Medical Claims Data

  • K. Brown, Brown University; I. Sarkar, Brown University, Rhode Island Quality Institute; E. Chen, Brown University

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Informatics Summit Student Paper Award

Understanding Clinical Trial Reports: Extracting Medical Entities and Their Relations

  • Benjamin Nye, Jay DeYoung, Eric Lehman, Northeastern University; Ani Nenkova, University of Pennsylvania; Iain Marshall, King’s College London; Byron Wallace, Northeastern University

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Although AMIA offers awards to research contributions by students at many of its events, the oldest Student Paper Competition awards date back to the early days of one of AMIA’s predecessor organizations, the Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC). 

The first SCAMC meeting was held in Washington, DC (actually across the river at a hotel conference center in Arlington, VA) in 1977 and rapidly grew in size and influence.  The group that organized the meeting was eventually incorporated as SCAMC, Inc. and held the meeting every year in the Washington, DC area.  SCAMC was one of the three organizations (the others were the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI) and the American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics (AAMSI)) that came together to form AMIA in 1988.  For the first few years of its existence, AMIA continued to call its annual symposium SCAMC, since that name had great familiarity in the informatics community.  Since the mid-1990s, the SCAMC name has no longer been used and today we refer to this large meeting every autumn simply as the AMIA Symposium.

In 1981, the organizers of the SCAMC meeting decided to introduce a competition that would recognize and honor research by students. The first awards were given that year and have continued annually since that time, first at the SCAMC meetings and now at the AMIA Symposium. Learn more about early description of the award and the deliberations that led to its creation is available.