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AMIA recognizes the critical importance of fostering the development and discovery of new informatics science as well as the recognition and support of AMIA members who will grow the field and become the next generation of informatics leaders. This talent is nurtured in graduate and doctoral research programs.

Special thanks to the charter donors of the award.

The AMIA Doctoral Dissertation Award offers high-value and prestigious recognition for the top doctoral dissertation each year that contributes to the science of informatics in any biomedical application domain or domains. In 2016 JAMIA published some suggested guidelines for the preparation of high-quality dissertations in biomedical informatics.

Read the suggested guidelines

Award Prizes

Each of the two winners receives:

  • Cash award ($7500 for first prize, $2500 for honorable mention)
  • Semi-plenary presentation on his/her award-winning research
  • Formal award presentation at the AMIA Annual Symposium
  • AMIA Annual Symposium registration waived
  • Travel and accommodation stipend
  • Publicity

Past Winners





  • Rimma Perotte (Pivovarov), Columbia University [First Prize]
    Dissertation: 'Electronic Health Record Summarization over Heterogeneous and Irregularly Sampled Clinical Data'
  • Yuan Luo, Northwestern University [Honorable Mention]
    Dissertation: 'Towards Unified Biomedical Modeling with Subgraph Mining and Factorization Algorithms'

Charter Donors

These individuals and groups doubled the impact of their donations as Charter Donor to the AMIA Doctoral Dissertation Award. Thank you!

  • Jos Aarts
  • Amit Acharya
  • Russ B. Altman
  • Jessica S. Ancker
  • Gregory Ator
  • Charles E. Barr
  • Suzanne Bakken
  • Andrew E. Balas
  • David W. Bates
  • Martha Dewey Bergren
  • Olivier Bodenreider
  • Aziz A. Boxwala
  • Patricia Flatley Brennan
  • Tiffani J. Bright
  • Wendy Chapman
  • R. Martin Chavez
  • Michael F. Chiang
  • Homer Chin
  • Christopher G. Chute & Jeanne Nevin
  • James J. Cimino
  • Gregory F. Cooper
  • Ronald Cornet
  • Patricia C. Dykes
  • Peter J. Embi
  • David A. Evans
  • Lawrence Fagan
  • Dina Demner-Fushman
  • Bruce H. Forman
  • Carol Friedman
  • Charles P. Friedman
  • Reed M. Gardner
  • Robert A. Greenes
  • Paul Harris
  • David Heckerman
  • William and Sally Hersh
  • John Holmes
  • Eric J. Horvitz
  • Betsy Humphreys
  • Sarah Ingersoll
  • Kevin B. Johnson
  • David R. Kaufman
  • Gilad J. Kuperman
  • Curtis P. Langlotz
  • Christoph U. Lehmann
  • Nancy M. Lorenzi
  • Kenneth D. Mandl
  • Robert C. McClure
  • Alexa T. McCray
  • Brian P. McCune, in memory of Darlene P. Vian
  • Genevieve B. Melton-Meaux
  • Blackford Middleton
  • Mark A. Musen
  • Omolola I. Ogunyemi
  • Philip and Tara Payne
  • Thomas H. Payne
  • Thomas & Judith Piemme
  • Alex Poon
  • Wanda M. Pratt
  • Gretchen Purcell Jackson
  • Maxine L. Rockoff
  • Neil Sarkar and Liz Chen
  • Titus K. Schleyer
  • Dean F. Sittig
  • Warner V. Slack
  • Stuart M. Speedie
  • William W. Stead
  • Peter Szolovits
  • Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
  • William M. Tierney
  • John Traxler
  • Robert Wachter
  • Dongwen Wang
  • Stuart T. Weinberg
  • Chunhua Weng
  • Adam Wright
  • William A. Yasnoff
  • Michael H. Zarukian
  • AMIA's Industry Advisory Council
  • HL7
  • Microsoft