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2022 Awardees

Annual Symposium Travel Award

Marco Barbero Mota, BSc, MRes
Master's Student in Biomedical Informatics
Vanderbilt University

I have recently started my career in the field of medical informatics. I joined the BMI graduate program at Vanderbilt as a Fulbright scholar with the clear goal of learning how medicine can be pushed forward through good usage of quality data and the newest computational techniques. My overarching goal is to bring this knowledge and the network I create back home to Spain, so I can maximize my impact to a broader patient and provider population.
I am 100% sure AMIA will play a central role in this journey as the main health informatics community in the world.

I will be presenting a poster titled “Validating Data-Driven Clinical Fingerprints as an Input Feature Representation.”

Bradley Carlson, BS
Master's Student in Biomedical Informatics and MD (Dual degree program)
University of Chicago

My primary past interactions with AMIA include regularly reading JAMIA articles and following AMIA on social media platforms such as twitter. Additionally, I am a subscriber to the 'AMIA Daily Download' through which I receive frequent updates on news and journal articles relevant to informatics. While I've only been a student member of AMIA since January, I am excited to continue to interact with AMIA and increase my involvement with the organization.

My participation in the AMIA Annual Symposium provides a valuable platform for me to share my research ideas and receive feedback from experts in the field. At the same time, the Annual Symposium is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity where I may expand on my informatics knowledge and gain exposure to new ideas and solutions for problems in healthcare. At the symposium, my goal will be to enhance the work I'm presenting, gain ideas for future work, and to interact with others' research. The learning experience, exposure to new ideas, and interactions with diverse researchers at the Annual Symposium will broaden my knowledge and expand my network of informatics professionals.

I will be presenting a poster titled "Increasing interoperability of the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons data model by mapping to common data models."

Olabode Ogundele
PhD Student
University of Missouri-Columbia, Institute of Data Science and Informatics

In the past, I have expressed interest in joining the JAMIA Student Editorial Board to support the peer-review process and the operation of a scientific medical journal. I had the opportunity to serve as a proposal reviewer for the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference and I am also a participant of the JAMIA Journal Club Webinar series.

I see the AMIA Annual Symposium as the optimal platform for me to showcase my research and get feedback that is necessary for improvement. The AMIA Symposium is an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge health informatics research. Participation at the Symposium would enable me to connect with leaders and professionals in the informatics world from whose experience I will learn and continue to advance in my career.

I will be presenting a poster titled, "Show-Me ECHO: Understanding behavior change and utilization of healthcare system through claims data analysis."

Malvika Pillai
PhD Student
UNC Carolina Health Informatics Program

I have participated in an AMIA meeting every year since 2017. I attended activities from the student working group and translational bioinformatics working groups in the past. Nicholas Tatonetti has given the translational bioinformatics (TBI) Year-In-Review talk at the AMIA Informatics Summit for the past five years, and I have been part of the student team for article search/review throughout.

The AMIA Annual Symposium is a key venue for exchanging research and ideas with peers and leaders in biomedical informatics. It provides trainees with the opportunity to network and has been especially impactful in my career development. The connections that I have made at AMIA allowed me to develop long-lasting collaborations with researchers I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. For my future career development, I hope to take advantage of more opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and disseminate research during AMIA symposiums.

I have 2 presentations at the Annual Symposium -  a podium presentation titled, "Using natural language processing to predict oral cancer risk with dental pathology notes" and a poster titled "An Interpretable Machine Learning Approach to Prioritizing Factors Contributing to Clinician Burnout."


Venkata Pragada, BDS, MS
Master of Science Student in Biomedical Informatics
Arizona State University

I've been a student member of AMIA since 2021, and a participant of the Dental informatics working group where I actively follow the discussions about recent advancements in the dental informatics field. Women in AMIA is a wonderful initiative which encouraged me to be more involved with AMIA. I listen to the "For Your Informatics" AMIA podcasts which inspire and motivate students like me to explore the medical informatics field. 

The AMIA Annual Symposium is the biggest event in the field of Medical Informatics where people from all fields of informatics participate. It gives me an opportunity to learn the advancements in our field and enables networking with other academicians which will lead to better research opportunities. For an international student like me it will be a tremendous opportunity to present my research at a global level and to interact with all the eminent people that will be attending the symposium.

I will be presenting a poster titled "How physicians use EHR to classify sensitive medical records? Thematic Analysis."

Sayantani Sarkar
Postdoctoral Scholar
University of California, Davis

I attended the AMIA 2021 Annual Symposium and it provided me with an enormous opportunity to learn about the current exciting research in the field of health informatics. Moreover, it's a place to find future collaborations. For example, I am currently participating in a research project on co-design methodologies with the AMIA consumer health informatics working group. Overall, I found the AMIA conference very helpful for building my future research career in health informatics.

Every year, AMIA hosts thousands of health informatics enthusiasts and researchers. As a young researcher, I have a huge opportunity to find future collaborators, colleagues, and recruiters. The annual symposium is a vast platform to learn new methodologies, challenges, policies, and research related to my area of interest. I'm hoping to get some constructive feedback on my poster and I strongly believe this conference will accelerate my career journey in health informatics.

I will be presenting a poster titled "Acceptance and Use of Mobile Yoga Application by Breast Cancer Survivors: A Brief Intervention Study."


Shanshan Song
PhD Student
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Health Sciences Informatics

At the 2019 Annual Symposium, as a novice in medical informatics, I volunteered for pre-conference workshops and started building connections with AMIA members. After one year of various training (including JAMIA journal club webinars), I presented at the 2021 Annual Symposium as a member of a finalist team of Student Design Challenges.

My accepted submission is about a scoping review on reporting practices of research that involve mHealth Person-generated Health Data (PGHD), and this is the first component of a project trying to develop consensus and suggest a guideline for reporting mHealth PGHD research. One goal we want to achieve at the Annual Symposium is to collect feedback from community members, and this communication could boost the incoming Delphi project aiming to develop consensus among mHealth research experts. 

Besides this short term-goal, participating in the Annual Symposium is also vital for me, as a fourth-year student, to develop relationships with professionals on patient-generated health data, mobile health, real world evidence, and consumer informatics outside my institution. Such relationships may lead to future collaborations before and after graduation.

I will be presenting a poster titled "Data Donation" or "Data Sharing"? A Scoping Review Characterizing Language Use in mHealth Research Involving Person-generated Health Data."


Aaron Tierney, BA
Health Policy PhD Candidate, Organizations and Management Track
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

I am currently on the Student Editorial Board for JAMIA and regularly review manuscripts for the journal. I also serve as a member of the DEI subcommittee that meets monthly to provide direction on diversity, equity, and inclusion at the journal and larger AMIA association.

The work that I will be presenting as a poster is part of my dissertation, and feedback from AMIA Annual Symposium attendees would be a great asset in strengthening my study and resulting manuscript from this work. In addition, I am entering the job market this Fall, and the symposium would provide an irreplaceable opportunity to network to find out about post-docs and/or faculty positions that I would compete for that also align with my interests as a researcher. Attending the Annual Symposium would greatly assist me in successfully finishing my PhD program with a strong dissertation and providing me with new connections for the next steps in my career.

I will be presenting a poster titled "Care Continuity, Telehealth Use, and Quality of Diabetes and Hypertension Care in Community Health Centers Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic."

Clinical Informatics Conference Travel Award

9/18/19 School of Nursing faculty and staff headshots
Youmin Cho, MSN, RN, AGPCNP-BC
PhD Student
University of Michigan

This is my first time participating in an AMIA conference. By attending the AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference (CIC), I will get an excellent opportunity to meet a variety of health informatics experts from across the country and create a network. My research interest is in using electronic patient-reported outcome data collection systems in oncology clinical trials and routine care settings. I expect to obtain diverse perspectives about clinical informatics and technology applications from many health informatics professionals by attending the CIC. I also hope to identify the latest trends in technology and informatics in clinical care settings, which will assist in my research.

Humayera Islam, MS
Doctoral Student
University of Missouri-Columbia

I have been an AMIA student member since 2020. I participated in the 2021 Virtual Informatics Summit and presented my student paper at the 2021 Annual Symposium. 
My poster titled "A data visualization dashboard for an Intensive Care Setting" has been accepted at the CIC. This work is significant in a time where visualization of patient information can bring enormous changes in improving communication among the care providers and overall critical care. Attending the CIC provides me with a platform to meet other researchers in the field working towards improving healthcare and will help to enhance my knowledge in clinical informatics. My doctoral research is aligned with the goals of the CIC and meeting new people would also help to expand my contacts for assistance in career development.

Jane Jarshaw
Medical Student
University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine

The opportunity to present at the 2022 AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference is my first interaction with AMIA. I discovered an interest in medical informatics during medical school, and I've participated in a number of medical informatics research projects since. In my future career, I hope to continue with research related to medical informatics, and also to educate. The opportunity to present my findings at this conference will allow me to further develop the skills to be an effective presenter, which is essential as a scientist and educator.

Kevin Patel, MD
Neonatology Fellow
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

I have participated in a number of JAMIA journal club webinars and other educational presentations during my membership in AMIA. As a physician with a strong interest in clinical informatics, participating in the CIC will allow me to share my experience with my project and network with colleagues from different backgrounds. As I prepare to leave training at the end of this academic year and relocate, the conference will serve as a platform to help me find others interested in clinical informatics as I start my work in a new environment.

Yonah Ziemba, MD
Fellow Physician
Northwell Health

I served as a peer-reviewer for AMIA's annual meetings for three consecutive years. I also served as a session chair for the May 2019 AMIA Clinical Informatics Conference in Atlanta, GA.
As a trainee preparing for a career in medical informatics, the CIC is the primary place where I'm able to network with other trainees and build relationships with future mentors. I was able to participate in the 2019 CIC and continue to have relationships that were formed during that conference.

Informatics Summit Travel Award

Vince Hartman
Master's Student
Cornell Tech

Vince Hartman is a Master’s student at Cornell Tech. This will be Vince’s first AMIA conference and presentation. The conference marks his first real participation with AMIA. Vince believes his research and startup career goals align well with AMIA. He intends to participate in the AMIA Informatics Summit and present his paper in order to gather industry input, clinical knowledge, and network with healthcare experts to help create a student business venture around his research. This opportunity also helps provide creditability for him and the creation of his future startup. 

Nishant Jain, MS, MHA
Doctoral Candidate
University of Missouri-Columbia
MU Institute of Data Science & Informatics (MUIDSI)

Nishant Jain is currently a PhD student at the University of Missouri’s MU Institute of Data Science and Informatics. Nishant looks forward to attending the Informatics Summit to dive deeper into topics of interest to him including data mining and consumer health informatics, especially through the lens of social media and to target population health. It's an opportunity to engage a wide range of advanced topics with a health informatics focus. Nishant has served as reviewer for three papers for AMIA 2020 & 2021 and participated in the Mental Health Informatics WG and the JAMIA Journal Club in 2020.

Sebastien Kiogou, MS
Doctoral Candidate
University of Minnesota Institute for Health Informatics

Sebastien Kiogou is a student at the University of Minnesota, Institute for Health Informatics. Sebastien has teaching and research aspirations after he graduates. Attending the Summit will give him an opportunity to present before peers and professors as well as to network. Sebastien contributed to a paper that was accepted in the 2020 Summit: The Evaluation of Clinical Classifications Software Using the National Inpatient Sample Database.

Fuchen Li
Research Assistant
Vanderbilt University

Fuchen Li is a student at Vanderbilt University and conducts his research at Wei's Lab at VUMC. For his summer semester research, Fuchen conducted research about the bias and fairness of machine learning models for cardiovascular disease prediction. His mentor recommended the AMIA conference as the best place to share his research findings. He submitted a poster to the AMIA Informatics Summit, and it was accepted. AMIA provides Fuchen with unique resources to understand the cutting-edge development of the field.

Jacqueline Penn
Doctoral Candidate
Thomas Jefferson University - Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Jacqueline Penn is a medical student at Thomas Jefferson University - Digital Health scholarly inquiry track. Jacqueline is just getting started in bioinformatics.  Jacqueline feels attending the AMIA Informatics Summit will allow her to explore the possibilities for physicians conducting bioinformatics research. Though physicians can now become board certified in informatics, her school has little opportunity to pursue this type of research. Attending this conference is her chance to see the breadth of research topics in bioinformatics, learn how to incorporate this type of work into her career, and connect with people in the field.

Mengying Yan, BS, MS
PhD Candidate
Duke University

Mengying Yan is currently a second-year student at Duke University in the Biostatistics PhD program.  She just started her research related to health informatics. The Informatics Summit will provide good opportunities for her to communicate with people who are interested in different topics within the informatics field. Mengying feels that the 2021 AMIA Symposium really opened her mind, and believes there's a lot to be learned from the AMIA Informatics Summit as well. It will help incorporate different perspectives into her current research and help clarify her career direction.

2021 Awardees

Lisa Dirks, MS, MLIS
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Washington Information School
Bradley Iott, MPH
Doctoral Candidate in Information Science & Health Services Organization
University of Michigan, School of Public Health
Grace Y.E. Kim, MS
Masters Candidate in Computer Science
Stanford University
Patrick Lawrence
Doctoral Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
The Ohio State University
Siru (Ashley) Liu, PhD
Vanderbilt University
Sabrina Mangal, RN, PhD
Post-Doctoral Associate
Weill Cornell Medicine
Geetanjali Rajamani
Doctoral Candidate in Medicine
University of Minnesota Medical School

2020 Awardees

Hope Gray , MTS, BCC
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jiancheng Ye
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

2019 Awardees

Adeboye Adejare, Jr., MS
Doctoral Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
University of Cincinnati
Anna Diane, BSN, RN
Doctoral candidate in Nursing
Duke University
Yonaka Harris, MS
Masters Candidate in Healthcare Policy and Research
Weill Cornell Medicine
Mahbub Hossain, MD, MPH, CPH
Doctoral candidate in Public Health
Texas A&M University
Songzi Liu
Masters candidate in Information Science
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Roni Matin, MSc.
Doctoral Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
University of Texas Health Science
Amy Olex, MS
Doctoral Candidate in Computer Science
Virginia Commonwealth University
Chantelle Recsky, MSN
Doctoral candidate in Nursing
University of British Columbia


LEAD Fund Campaign Chair

Philip R.O. Payne, PhD, FACMI
Washington University in St. Louis


AMIA members are invited to participate in efforts to establish the LEAD Fund to benefit AMIA’s awards and recognition programs.