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In 2016 AMIA celebrated the launch of a new donation fund designated to support AMIA’s philanthropic giving plans. The new fund is aptly named, the AMIA Leadership and Education Award (LEAD) Fund

2022 Awardees - Informatics Summit Travel Award

Vince Hartman
Master's Student
Cornell Tech

Vince Hartman is a Master’s student at Cornell Tech. This will be Vince’s first AMIA conference and presentation. The conference marks his first real participation with AMIA. Vince believes his research and startup career goals align well with AMIA. He intends to participate in the AMIA Informatics Summit and present his paper in order to gather industry input, clinical knowledge, and network with healthcare experts to help create a student business venture around his research. This opportunity also helps provide creditability for him and the creation of his future startup. 

Nishant Jain, MS, MHA
Doctoral Candidate
University of Missouri-Columbia
MU Institute of Data Science & Informatics (MUIDSI)

Nishant Jain is currently a PhD student at the University of Missouri’s MU Institute of Data Science and Informatics. Nishant looks forward to attending the Informatics Summit to dive deeper into topics of interest to him including data mining and consumer health informatics, especially through the lens of social media and to target population health. It's an opportunity to engage a wide range of advanced topics with a health informatics focus. Nishant has served as reviewer for three papers for AMIA 2020 & 2021 and participated in the Mental Health Informatics WG and the JAMIA Journal Club in 2020.

Sebastien Kiogou, MS
Doctoral Candidate
University of Minnesota Institute for Health Informatics

Sebastien Kiogou is a student at the University of Minnesota, Institute for Health Informatics. Sebastien has teaching and research aspirations after he graduates. Attending the Summit will give him an opportunity to present before peers and professors as well as to network. Sebastien contributed to a paper that was accepted in the 2020 Summit: The Evaluation of Clinical Classifications Software Using the National Inpatient Sample Database.

Fuchen Li
Research Assistant
Vanderbilt University

Fuchen Li is a student at Vanderbilt University and conducts his research at Wei's Lab at VUMC. For his summer semester research, Fuchen conducted research about the bias and fairness of machine learning models for cardiovascular disease prediction. His mentor recommended the AMIA conference as the best place to share his research findings. He submitted a poster to the AMIA Informatics Summit, and it was accepted. AMIA provides Fuchen with unique resources to understand the cutting-edge development of the field.

Jacqueline Penn
Doctoral Candidate
Thomas Jefferson University - Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Jacqueline Penn is a medical student at Thomas Jefferson University - Digital Health scholarly inquiry track. Jacqueline is just getting started in bioinformatics.  Jacqueline feels attending the AMIA Informatics Summit will allow her to explore the possibilities for physicians conducting bioinformatics research. Though physicians can now become board certified in informatics, her school has little opportunity to pursue this type of research. Attending this conference is her chance to see the breadth of research topics in bioinformatics, learn how to incorporate this type of work into her career, and connect with people in the field.

Mengying Yan, BS, MS
PhD Candidate
Duke University

Mengying Yan is currently a second-year student at Duke University in the Biostatistics PhD program.  She just started her research related to health informatics. The Informatics Summit will provide good opportunities for her to communicate with people who are interested in different topics within the informatics field. Mengying feels that the 2021 AMIA Symposium really opened her mind, and believes there's a lot to be learned from the AMIA Informatics Summit as well. It will help incorporate different perspectives into her current research and help clarify her career direction.

2021 Awardees

Lisa Dirks, MS, MLIS
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Washington Information School
Bradley Iott, MPH
Doctoral Candidate in Information Science & Health Services Organization
University of Michigan, School of Public Health
Grace Y.E. Kim, MS
Masters Candidate in Computer Science
Stanford University
Patrick Lawrence
Doctoral Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
The Ohio State University
Siru (Ashley) Liu, PhD
Vanderbilt University
Sabrina Mangal, RN, PhD
Post-Doctoral Associate
Weill Cornell Medicine
Geetanjali Rajamani
Doctoral Candidate in Medicine
University of Minnesota Medical School

2020 Awardees

Hope Gray , MTS, BCC
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jiancheng Ye
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

2019 Awardees

Adeboye Adejare, Jr., MS
Doctoral Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
University of Cincinnati
Anna Diane, BSN, RN
Doctoral candidate in Nursing
Duke University
Yonaka Harris, MS
Masters Candidate in Healthcare Policy and Research
Weill Cornell Medicine
Mahbub Hossain, MD, MPH, CPH
Doctoral candidate in Public Health
Texas A&M University
Songzi Liu
Masters candidate in Information Science
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Roni Matin, MSc.
Doctoral Candidate in Biomedical Informatics
University of Texas Health Science
Amy Olex, MS
Doctoral Candidate in Computer Science
Virginia Commonwealth University
Chantelle Recsky, MSN
Doctoral candidate in Nursing
University of British Columbia


LEAD Fund Campaign Chair

Philip R.O. Payne, PhD, FACMI
Washington University in St. Louis