LEAD Fund Trainee Scholarship

For the upcoming 2021 Annual Symposium the AMIA LEAD Fund will be soliciting applications, starting in July 2021, for trainee scholarships to support attendance at the AMIA Annual Symposium, for individuals meeting the following requirements:

  • At the time of submission, and subsequently, attendance at the AMIA Annual Symposium, the individual must be actively enrolled in a formal graduate or post-graduate level training program focused on the area of Biomedical and Health Informatics. This can include programs resulting in a graduate degree and/or programs resulting in a professional certification.
  • The applicant must have an accepted presentation at the 2021 AMIA Annual Symposium for which they are the presenter (e.g., a poster, podium presentation, paper, panel, or equivalent activity that has been peer-reviewed and accepted by the meeting SPC).
  • The applicant must be able to describe a demonstrable need for the award, where they do not have other means of support to cover registration for the AMIA Annual Symposium.

The AMIA LEAD Fund anticipates awarding up to 8 scholarship awards in 2021, with each award covering their registration cost. Preference will be afforded to applicants from diverse and/or underrepresented backgrounds, as well those individuals who would be attending the AMIA meeting for the first time as a result of this award.

Sample Application
* The LEAD fund trainee application for the 2021 Annual Symposium will be available in July 2021.