AMIA 2021 Virtual Informatics Summit Systems Demonstrations

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

S02: Systems Demonstrations - Bringing it all Together: The Best of Data Integration

The Pediatric Cancer Data Commons - A Demonstration of a Novel Implementation and Extension of the Gen3 Infrastructure for Cohort Discovery and Data Sharing
L. Graglia, S. Sathar, M. Palese, B. Furner, S. Volchenboum, University of Chicago

Gaining Enriched Insight into Patient Populations by Appending Claims Data to National Health Survey Responses and a Market Segmentation System
B. Hodor, E. Scheufele, G. Popa, W. Kassler, IBM

DataKnots: A Framework for Building Domain Specific Query Languages
C. Evans, K. Simonov

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

S28: Systems Demonstrations - The Digital Era of National Collaboratives for Patient Care

Demonstration of a Self-service De-identified COVID-19 Data Lake
R. Chandras, S. Johnson, C. Pulgarin, M. Winner, C. Okpara, E. Iturrate, NYU Langone Health

Deploying i2b2 as Study-specific Application for Clinical Data Analysis
K. Wagholikar, Harvard Medical School; L. Ainsworth, Mass General Brigham; N. Keriwala, A. Zagade, Persistent Systems; R. Chulyadyo, Mass General Brigham; S. Wakle, S. Shevade, A. Wakhure, S. walte, Y. Ostrovsky, Persistent Systems; K. Chaney, Brigham & Women’s Hospital; D. Zelle, A. miller, M. Oates, S. Aronson, Mass General Brigham; B. Scirica, Brigham & Women’s Hospital; S. Murphy, Mass General Brigham

Synchronized Coordination of The ACT Network to Rapidly Identify COVID-19 Patients in an Evolving Global Crisis
A. Maram, G. Weber, P. Trevvett, Harvard Medical School

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