• Intensive Care Informatics Working Group

    The goal of the Intensive Care Informatics Working Group is to improve outcomes of critically ill and injured patients with the help of medical informatics.

Intensive Care Informatics

With the organization of an AMIA working group focused on the informatics problems in intensive care we would bring together the expertise of clinicians, researchers, engineers, programmers and business personnel to move forward to achieve goal: improving outcome of critically ill and injured patients with help of medical informatics. The specific objectives of the “Clinical informatics in Intensive Care” AMIA Working group are:

  1. To facilitate interaction between healthcare providers, researchers, engineers, programmers and companies interested in collaborative research in the acute care setting.
  2. Organize and maintain a network of people and organizations interested in acute care informatics research.
  3. To act as a liaison between AMIA and WG interests and establish productive relationships with other specialty groups and scientific organizations that have an expressed interest in informatics. Promote and establish “Affiliate WG membership” with “sister” organizations.
  4. Produce educational programs (lectures, tutorial sand workshops) specific to the field of clinical informatics in intensive care.
  5. Develop and maintain up-to-date, state-of-the-art reference resources on the topic of interest (web and paper based).

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