• Consumer and Pervasive Health Informatics Working Group

Consumer and Pervasive Health Informatics

This working group is the evolution and collaboration formed between the Knowledge in Motion Working Group (KIM-WG) and the Consumer Health Informatics Working Group (CHI-WG).

Membership in this robust group is 800+ and welcomes professionals and students interesting informatics from multiple consumer or patient views including patient-focused informatics, health literacy and consumer education with a focus is on information structures and processes that empower consumers to manage their own health. It also welcomes informaticians dedicated to the development of Internet based applications and tools for the medical community.

Working group interest areas and webinars cover:

  • Personal Health Records
  • Patient Generated Data
  • mHealth
  • Research in CHI
  • Health Literacy
  • Telehealth
  • Blue Button (Patient Data Access and Use)

Visit the online community for this group at http://connect.amia.org/CPHI-WG

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VP of Membership
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