Health Informatics Building Blocks (HIBBs)

With initial program funding provided by the Rockefeller Foundation (2009-2011), AMIA created the Health Informatics Building Blocks (HIBBs) project as part of its Global Health Informatics Partnership (GHIP).  This project has begun to provide practical tools to help educate applied informaticians, public health workers, policy makers, and healthcare practitioners in low-resource settings.  The HIBBs project promotes the development of open source educational materials that provide knowledge and skills on health information use and management. The HIBBs are educational lessons that give critical knowledge and skills needed by workers to carry out their jobs. HIBBs modules can be used alone or as part of a larger curriculum. They can be adapted for a local learning environment and used by either an individual learner or in a classroom setting. They are available in a variety of formats in order to meet a range of technical abilities. With HIBBs having an initial focus on sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), AMIA/GHIP partnered with the South African Institute for Distance Learning (SAIDE). All available HIBBs have been posted on SAIDE’s OER Africa web site.

Learn more about HIBBs and download one of the HIBBs modules at OER Africa. The GHIP staff has created several documents to help current and future HIBB creators to develop learning modules that can be shared with and adapted by the informatics community.

  • Instructions for HIBBs Creators: This document guides open educational resource developers and includes the basic requirements for a HIBB.
  • HIBBs Metadata: This document specifies all the information HIBBs creators are required to provide. These data will facilitate retrieval of the HIBB by future users.
  • Tips for Creating a Well Designed HIBB: This document provides information to help HIBBs creators design a module which best meets the needs of potential HIBBs audiences—educational concepts, design elements, accessibility issues, and copyright requirements are all covered.
  • HIBBs Template: This PowerPoint slide template can be used by HIBBs creators. It contains all the necessary logos and language and has been designed to be easily used by potential learners.