AMIA Member Loyalty Program

All members, new and experienced, are valuable in the AMIA community. The diversity of AMIA’s multidisciplinary members makes the AMIA community special. In a world where knowledge expands exponentially through the use of informatics, AMIA welcomes and values members who continue to

  • Sustain interest in the organization’s mission
  • Value networking with informatics professionals
  • Pursue a professional life of learning and sharing information
  • Apply knowledge to pose questions and solve problems
  • Seek opportunities to lead and serve

For more information about the AMIA Member Loyalty Program, contact Member Services by phone at 301-657-1291 or email Lost your pin? Replacement are available for $5.


AMIA seeks to recognize individuals who maintain their membership commitment and continue to represent the values of AMIA. We strive to recognize the amazing people who choose to belong to AMIA’s membership community. 


5 – 9 years Nickel Loyal Member virtual* and AMIA meeting ribbon


10 – 19 years Bronze Loyal Member virtual* and AMIA meeting ribbon


20 – 29 years

Silver Loyal Member virtual* and AMIA meeting ribbon
We strive to recognize the amazing people who choose to belong to AMIA’s membership community for more than 20 years!



30+ years Gold Loyal Member virtual* and AMIA meeting ribbon

*Virtual ribbons appear on the member’s profile page inside the AMIA Community. Log-in to MyAMIA and select AMIA Communities to connect with other members in AMIA’s social communities.


An official individual membership year is designated by a join date between January 1 and September 30 of a particular year. A join date after September 30 shifts the official membership year to the next consecutive calendar year. Individuals eligible for Member Loyalty Program recognition include

  • Regular members
  • Retired members
  • Student members including years transferred to regular member status

The individual member loyalty program does not recognize organizational, corporate or affiliate membership.


Longevity is determined based on 1990, the year AMIA emerged as a fully formed entity and began its membership program.

Members of AMIA and its honorific college, ACMI, are professionals committed to leading the way in the informatics community and in the healthcare industry. AMIA and its members are transforming healthcare through trusted science, education and practice in biomedical and health informatics.

Thank You

The AMIA staff thanks the task force members that helped develop this program. Co-chairs Dan Masys and Dean Sittig, Jim Cimino, Don Detmer, Gil Kuperman, nancy Lorenzi, Danny Sands, Stuart Speedie, Ted Shortliffe, Charlotte Weaver and Bonnie Westra.