AMIA Call for Professional Development Instructors

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Application Deadline: April 20

AMIA’s digital education program is growing!

AMIA has served 7000+ learners in the past 10 years through CIBRC Online, AMIA 10x10 and webinars.

Now, we’re looking for the next generation of informatics leaders and experts who are ready to become AMIA Professional Development Instructors and set a new standard for informatics education online.

We’re building interdisciplinary teams for online informatics content

AMIA is establishing teams of instructors to collaborate on content and presentation.
We’re looking to fill different roles on content development teams:

  • Team leaders
  • Content developers
  • Content reviewers
  • Content presenters

Application: AMIA is the home for informatics experts

AMIA invites members to apply today!

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Application Deadline: April 20

Not sure you want to be an instructor ... yet?

In the future, there will be more opportunities for members to serve as AMIA Professional Development Instructors.

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Who can serve as an instructor?

Instructor qualifications will be matched to learning objectives for specific professional development modules. Being an instructor allows members to share their expertise, collaborate with peers, and be recognized for their efforts as instructors.

We are looking for professionals at different stages (early-, mid- and experienced career level)

  • Experience as educators AND/OR
  • Experience applying this knowledge in the field AND/OR
  • Experience as researchers

What type of learning?

AMIA’s online professional development program focuses on what informatics professionals need —advancing in the field, preparation for new roles, and achieving professional credentials.

We are planning for the first offerings in the newly developed AMIA Digital Education course catalogue to focus on Health Informatics Essentials. AMIA's professional development instructors are building the AMIA Health Informatics Certification Review Course.  Future professional development courses and modules will include topics from across the informatics domains.

For Phase I development AMIA seeks health informatics professionals with experience in five key areas:

  • Foundational knowledge for health informatics practice
  • Enhancing health decision-making, processes, and outcomes
  • Health information systems
  • Data governance, management, and analytics
  • Leadership, professionalism, strategy and transformation

Content is based on the AMIA Health Informatics Practice Analysis (2018) data.

AMIA will compensate instructors for their contributions. AMIA will own the content and determine when updates are needed. Instructors will provide original content or necessary permissions to use other content. Instructors should expect to sign agreements related to non-disclosure, conflict of interest and a multi-media release.

Contact Jeff Williamson, M.Ed., Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs.