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AFS01: Using a Shared Gratitude Experience to Support Well-Being Among Health Informatics Students During a Crisis


  • Sue Feldman
  • Katherine A. Meese

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic brought a constellation of stressors to both students and faculty alike resulting faculty members becoming the unofficial gatekeepers of student well-being. This dynamic led to an opportunity for faculty to consider opportunities for improving the well-being of their students. Such opportunities include practicing mindfulness, journaling, exerciste, and gratitude. This study reports on socially-oriented gratitude journaling, based on the PERMA model of well-being. Results show improvements in Positive Emotion (85.72%), Engagement (77.2%), Relationships (67.7%), Meaning (77.2%) and Accomplishment (60%). Overall, the early results of an online, socially-oriented gratitude exercise among graduate Healthcare Informatics students suggest a positive impact on perceived well-being.