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How could predicting a patient’s risk for Opioid Use Disorder in the next 6 months positively impact patient care? Cerner’s Opioid Use Disorder predictor aims to reduce overdose and increase access to treatment by informing emergency department clinicians if a patient is at risk for a future opioid use disorder event. Join us to hear Cerner’s approach to alleviating the opioid crisis.   

Learning Objectives

After participating in this activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Understand how machine learning models can play a part in alleviating the opioid crisis 
  • Recognize how bias is addressed in clinical based models 
  • Explain why the emergency department is an ideal time to connect patients to treatment


Vadim Khotilovich, PhD
Lead Data Scientist

Vadim has been a data scientist at Cerner since 2013, working to advance clinical decision support and efficiencies in acute, ambulatory and population health spaces by delivering useful and actionable insights to the right people at the right time.  He leads a team of data scientists and analysts.  Prior to Cerner, Vadim was a research scientist for five years at Texas A&M University, Large Hadron Collider and Fermilab, where he has gained experience with large scale data mining and analysis, simulation, and optimization. He was one of the contributors to the Higgs boson discovery. Vadim has a Ph.D. in physics from Texas A&M University.

Leslie Lindsey
Lead Product Manager
Co-presenter and moderator

As manager and Senior Solution Leader of Cerner’s Patient Safety and Quality team, Leslie Lindsey is responsible for leading strategy and development of patient safety and quality programs designed to reduce patient harm, help hospitals sustain measurable value, and support hospitals in addressing their business challenges. Leslie and her team are responsible for the development of Cerner’s Opioid Management offering and the Opioid Toolkit designed to aid Cerner’s clients in alleviating the opioid crisis. Over her 18 years with Cerner, Leslie has gained experience with all areas of EHR implementation and development. Before leading the Patient Safety & Quality team, Leslie spent ten years leading strategy for Cerner Emergency Medicine.

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