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Fragmented, old, dirty healthcare data has served as a major barrier to realizing cost and quality gains in value-based care programs at scale. Disconnected health IT products built with proprietary data models have created massive inefficiencies, increased burden in clinical workflows and restricted patient flow across boundaries. Event driven architectures in scalable data fabrics are one critical key to unlock cost and quality outcomes.

This talk will focus on the transformational efficiencies and quality improvements possible using Smile CDR's open standard data and knowledge fabric: Together we’ll explore these and other #smileinside topics as:

  • Using data and knowledge automations to remedy the crippling health IT inefficiencies cluttering clinical workflows.
  • The critical importance of open data, knowledge and process standards to accelerate and stabilize interoperability initiatives.    
  • Best practices for implementing near real-time streaming digital quality metrics in value-based care efforts.
  • Stabilizing and accelerating quality purchased care flow across existing IT boundaries.

#ChooseOpen #BetterGlobalHealth #SmileInside


Shane McNamee
Chief Medical Information Officer
Smile Digital Health


Adam Cole
Senior Solutions Architect & Head of Sales Engineering
Smile Digital Health
Dates and Times: -
Type: Webinar
Course Format(s): On Demand
Price: Free