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AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference - Call for Participation

The deadline for submissions was November 30.

AMIA invites you to share your solutions, ideas and innovations with your applied clinical informatics colleagues at the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference (CIC), May 24-26, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

We want to hear about your current health IT-related projects, their impact, the challenges you have overcome, and future opportunities. This is the time to share proposals with your thoughts on topics of interest to the community of clinical informatics professionals.

The CIC is where AMIA convenes practitioners of applied clinical informatics to reduce clinical documentation burden and lower costs, improve outcomes and safety, and operationalize high-quality and impactful services in the following realms:

  • Informatics-Driven Value-Based Healthcare
  •  Usability, Efficiency, and User Experience
  • Clinical Decision Support and Analytics
  • Organizational Challenges
  • Emerging Technology and Technical Infrastructure
  • Leadership, Advocacy, and Policy

Whether you are novice, intermediate, or advanced in clinical informatics, AMIA’s fastest growing conference is designed to impact healthcare delivery systems by offering content attendees can take back to their care settings and localize.  We welcome submissions from all health care and public health teams across care settings for both evidence- and experience-based clinical informatics projects that impact the quality, safety, and experience of health care and public health in the future.

In 2022, the Scientific Program Committee calls special attention to three areas: 

  1. It is time to address the clinical documentation overburden crisis.  This ever-increasing documentation burden leads to a variety of negative outcomes including note bloat, clinician burnout, decreased job satisfaction, increased medical errors, and more hospital-acquired conditions. The SPC looks to the CIC community to offer their experience, recommendations, and solutions that address this crisis; 
  2. We seek to highlight industry and commercial collaborations in applied clinical informatics with the member communities within AMIA.  The SPC is eager to receive contributions highlighting incremental or disruptive innovation in support of this CIC conference goals; 
  3. AMIA members and its community of individuals in NIWG, PINA, IPC, ANI, CIPD, ACIF, and other key groups provided the momentum and content that has made the CIC the must-attend applied CI educational gathering—we look forward to receiving your contributions and hearing from you with ideas during our conference design process.

Submission Platform

Please note: We are no longer using ScholarOne as our abstract submission platform. We are using eShow. To submit through this platform, you need to use your AMIA login or create an account. Any questions can be directed to Lauren Koleszar,

IMPORTANT: The person entering the submission is the submitting author on the proposal. This person will receive all future correspondence about the submission, so please make sure that the email address on your account is correct. If the email address changes, please update it promptly. AMIA is not responsible for any communication not received due to incorrect email address on your account.

By submitting to the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference, all presenters agree that if their submission is accepted, they will register either for the full conference at the designated author registration rate or for the day they are presenting at the daily registration rate.  *Panel and workshop submitters – please make your participants are aware of this policy.

Submissions that do not meet the following requirements may be rejected without review. READ the submission guidelines and follow the sample format (Word, PDF)

All submissions must be made through the submission site.

Submission Deadline: November 30, 11:59 p.m. EDT

Classify Your Proposal

We invite submissions that advance the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference. Work describing evidence- and experience-based clinical informatics projects that impact the quality, safety, and experience of health care and public health in the future are welcome. 

Types of Proposals

Submission Categories

The AMIA 2022 CIC Scientific Program Committee welcomes contributions on HIT innovations, approaches, and strategies suitable for presentation in a variety of formats, including:

  • Oral Presentations
  • Posters
  • Panels
  • Ignite-style Talks
  • Workshops
  • Systems Demonstrations

The AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference submission content may be based on a range of published or unpublished works including projects, research, papers, pilot programs, and/or quality improvement initiatives.

*Need inspiration? Take a look at the 2021 CIC Program Schedule by clicking on any of the presentation forms on the left-hand navigation menu.  

Learning Objectives

After participating in the AMIA 2022 Clinical Informatics Conference, the learner should be better able to:

  • Apply evidence- or experience- based models of informatics practices to improve health care
  • Leverage informatics tools to better engage in team-based care
  • Connect emerging trends in health and health IT policy with regulatory efforts that impact care delivery
  • Identify relevant mental, public and population health informatics strategies for prevalent health issues
  • Develop core competencies and leadership skills unique to health informatics professionals
  • Assess and improve the application of health IT infrastructure best practices
  • Improve the usability, ease of use, and user acceptance of informatics tools and technology
  • Identify diversity, equity, and inclusion issues through the lens of clinical informatics
  • Expand the reach of health IT beyond acute care and to settings all individuals/patients occupy