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AMIA 2021 Virtual Clinical Informatics Conference: Poster Pop-Out Sessions

We are debuting a new platform (Qiqo) for our Poster Pop-Out Sessions to provide an intuitive networking and information sharing opportunity. Think of it as your Virtual Poster Hall!

The platform includes a “spatial” chat feature enabling poster presenters and attendees to visually engage with each other 1:1 as well as in small groups.

Posters are on display in the Posters section of the virtual conference platform. We encourage attendees to view the poster and listen to the presentation in advance of the scheduled poster pop-outs in Qiqo.

Each presenter is assigned to present on Tuesday, May 18, or Wednesday, May 19, from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. EDT. The poster in the virtual conference platform displays the date and time of their presentation.

Posters have been grouped in Qiqo by topic areas, each of which will be in a separate room to facilitate engagement. The Poster Pop-Out rooms will be accessible by clicking “Posters” and then “Join Poster Pop-Outs” tab in the lobby of the virtual conference platform.

Members of the Scientific Program Committee have been assigned to moderate each Poster Pop-out Room. They will welcome attendees, have questions to ask presenters, and move the conversation along. Attendees and presenters can chat via webcam (if they choose) or just audio. If someone wants to break out and have a 1:1 conversation with a poster presenter, the room allows for this.


Qiqo Overview

More detailed instructions for using the Qiqo spatial chat platform are in the virtual conference platform by clicking, “Posters” and “Join Poster Pop-Outs.“ Here is a brief overview of some of the functionality of the networking tool.



  • Link to Qiqo within the event platform.
  • Enter your name and turn on your camera and mic for live interaction. You will see yourself appear in a “bubble.”
  • Once in the Qiqo platform, click on the Poster Session Rooms on the left side of the screen. Each room has five different topic areas with poster presenters in each room ready to engage and discuss their presentation.
  • Move your bubble closest to your desired poster to participate. The closer you get to other bubbles, the more you can hear them and participate in the conversation.
  • Each Poster Session Room Topic Area will be moderated by a member of the CIC Scientific Program Committee. Want to move to a different poster? Simply drag your bubble to that spot and join the conversation. You can click within topic areas on the right side of your screen to see the posters displayed in each area.
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