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AMIA 2019 Allied Group Meeting Instructions & Fees and Request Reservation Form


Benefits of Co-Locating a Meeting or Event with the AMIA 2019 Annual Symposium

  • Capitalize on over 2,500 informatic professionals from a variety of disciplines and work settings
  • Add complementary content to the AMIA Annual Symposium scientific program
  • Strengthen affiliate ties with AMIA members
  • Utilize valuable time and meeting space to connect with attendees

Deadline for requests is October 15, 2019

  • Review the rules and regulations
  • Complete the online request form (below)
  • Submit your request early as space is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Remember that submissions received after October 15 will incur increased application fees

Fees are not due until and unless an application is approved.

Definitions of Activities

  • Business Meeting (under 20 attendees) - Small meetings to conduct the business of your organization or group which require meeting space at the AMIA-contracted hotel.
  • Special Events (under 50 attendees) - Strictly social in nature and are held during the annual symposium. Such activities may not be held during the Annual Symposium official functions.
  • Educational Event (under 50 attendees) - These are not part of the Annual Symposium’s scientific program, may not offer CME, and may not be held in competition with the AMIA Annual Symposium scientific programming, networking events and/or sponsored activities.

Meeting space for organizations or groups which are not exhibiting at the AMIA Annual Symposium or are not AMIA Corporate Members will incur an additional application fee (see fee table below).

Please include a description of the proposed event and intended audience (i.e., AMIA leadership, specific member affiliation, organizational membership, AMIA members, etc.). AMIA will have final approval of the event.


AMIA's name or logo may not be used on signage or promotional materials for your events unless authorized by AMIA.

Distribution of promotional materials at AMIA Meetings - AMIA prohibits the distribution of organization or event announcements, promotional or marketing materials, by organizations or group within the Annual Symposium hotel. Organizations who have secured booth space in the exhibit hall may only distribute material within the confines of their exhibit space.

Organizations hosting an allied meeting need pre-meeting approval by AMIA before displaying promotion literature, signage or online marketing and promotions. AMIA reserves the right to deny inclusion or remove any material within the hotel conference areas.


AMIA policy does not permit the scheduling of functions during the opening or closing plenary sessions.

Facility, Charges, Application and Cancellation Fees

Anyone involved in planning an event must observe these guidelines. All Allied group event organizers are responsible for ensuring that their organizational representatives and/or agents adhere to all rules and guidelines for AMIA Annual Symposium Exhibitor Rules and Regulations. Violation of these rules may jeopardize future exhibiting status and the ability to hold events at future AMIA meetings. Any event found in violation of these guidelines shall be discontinued immediately. If a third party is responsible for logistical management of the event, the company name, contact person, address, phone number, and fax number must be provided in writing.

Any and all charges for space and services levied by the hotel are solely the responsibility of the Allied group. AMIA has no responsibility for, or authority over, any such charges, including but not limited to: room rental, food and beverage, microphones/sound, A/V, computers, electric, telephones, internet, etc. If the meeting room setup needs to be changed from the AMIA setup, then the Allied group will incur the room change fee. Note: Most hotels will impose a room rental fee and a minimum food and beverage spending.

AMIA will provide facility contact information in the confirmation letter. All communication from that point forward will be between the group and the facility.

Explanation of Application Fees

Standard Fees - Apply to groups requesting space for hourly meetings.

Event space is limited to two (2) hours. Additional time, if available and not guaranteed, must be requested.

  • The Allied Group fee is non-refundable.
  • Application fees are due to AMIA once the application is approved.
  • All payments must be made by credit card.
  • A link to the payment page will be sent to approved groups. The fees outlined above are application fees; and do not cover any charges that may be levied by the hotel to produce your event.
  • Space will not be assigned or confirmed until payment of application fee is received.
  • Meeting/event space is not available to non-AMIA members or partners (as described above).

AMIA Members, Academic Forum Members and Partner Societies/Associations

  • Deadline: Book by 9/1/19
  • Standard Fee: $500 per event

AMIA Corporate Members, Event Sponsors or Exhibiting Companies

  • Deadline: Book by 9/1/19
  • Standard Fee: $1000 per event


For all activities, the organizer of the event will take full responsibility for the event or meeting and hold harmless AMIA, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all liability associated with the event.


  1. If you have questions concerning the meeting;
  2. If you have questions concerning the fees;
  3. For all changes, cancellations, and additions to the form; and
  4. If you experience problems with completing or submitting the form.