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Introductory Courses

OHSU – July to November 2020

  • Standardized Reporting of Incidental Radiographic Findings - David M. Kuehn, MD 
  • Improving pre-hospital data capture and information communication by implementing EHR and using translational systems to transfer data to national trauma registries - Dr. Alana Noritake, DO
  • A framework to use EHR metadata to visualize the past medical history of patients - Dimitri Gassmann, MD
  • Medical Informatics and Heart Transplantation: The use of informatics to improve donor heart allocation - Anthony L. Panos, MD
  • Addressing immunization gaps that have increased during COVID - Emilie Chow, MD 

10x10 with OHSU - December 2019 to March 2020

  • Building Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Data Infrastructure and Piloting Standardized Social Needs Screening Workflows for San Francisco Health Network Post-implementation EHR training - Bridget A. Sharpe, MD
  • An Informatics Solution to Emergency Department Overcrowding - B. Benjamin Lowry, MD
  • Implementing CPGs with CDS: A Goal to Reduce Antibiotic Exposure in Febrile Neonate Admissions - Sarah Bauer, MD
  • Workflow and structural considerations in performing pathology intraoperative consultations as telepathology - Sue Chang, MD
  • Proposed Modifications to an Electronic Health Record Training and Optimization Program - J. Scott Haas, MD

10x10 with UAB – August 2016

  • Use of data analytics
  • Implementation issues in clinical decision support


Specialty/Concentrated Courses

10x10 with OHSU and ACEP – June 2016

  • Post-discharge text-messaging for emergency department patients
  • Remote monitoring with Kardia mobile device for the austere environment

10x10 with OHSU in conjunction with the Dietetic Association – April 2015

  • Implementation of EHR with ability to pull eNCPT for outcomes
  • Clinical decision support for evaluating weight changes for malnutrition assessment
  • Difficulties with documentation in the EHR