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Thank you to everyone who joined us in Arizona!


Leverage the experience and expertise of public health as well as informatics leaders and researchers and to formulate initiatives and strategies that will strengthen the U.S. public health informatics infrastructure post-pandemic.


We invite all college fellows to participate in the annual ACMI Symposium.  The symposium is a 3-day, highly focused event that gathers informatics leaders to convene in an intimate resort atmosphere to connect socially, discuss relevant topics, and consider informatics challenges and solutions as we navigate our post-pandemic world. This year, we are inviting public health leaders as well to share their perspectives, challenges, and questions to frame discussions. Please join us and share your knowledge so we all can learn and contribute to a stronger public health informatics infrastructure.

The 2022 ACMI Symposium will focus on the nation’s public health informatics ecosystem needed to support essential public health services, particularly in the context of COVID-19: case reporting, observational research, communication and dissemination of evidence-based guidance, prediction modeling, real-time situational awareness, crisis care management, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our public health system and exposed gaps in its informatics infrastructure. Problems, such as the lack of interoperability between clinical and public health systems, contributed to challenges such as: a) the ongoing need to use fax machines and spreadsheets, b) missed opportunities to identify cases and mitigate disease spread, and c) the need to re-design and re-build state and national information systems in the middle of a crisis.  There are opportunities forthcoming to rebuild the nation’s public health infrastructure.

We hope to use this meeting as a forum to better understand ongoing challenges and questions posed by public health leaders, share information about existing initiatives, discuss relevant innovations and strategies, and debate priorities for local, state, and national policymakers to consider when creating and implementing programs that will drive the rebuilding of the nation’s public health informatics infrastructure.

Features of the Program

  • Leaders from national, state/local, and non-profit public health organizations are being invited to share their activities, perspectives and questions, which will drive discussions about problems and solutions
  • Agenda will include a mix of short presentations, panel discussions, and audience discussions and time for networking, recreation, and leisure
  • Significant time for discussion will be allotted in the program; with flexibility for the audience to select discussion topics based upon the content of the presentations
  • Possibility of developing a white paper and policy recommendations derived from the meeting content as an ACMI product for advocacy purposes and/or formal publication
  • Receptions, dinners and two optional recreational outings (with additional nominal fees) are planned so you can network, and build collegial relationships and future collaborations with other ACMI fellows
  • Saturday afternoon: Visit to the Heard Museum
  • Sunday Pre-Breakfast Hike in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve near Scottsdale
  • Many other activities are available

Program Committee

Program Co-chairs

Brian Dixon, MPA, PhD
Catherine Staes, PhD, MPH, RN

Program Committee

Theresa Cullen, MD, MS
Don Rucker, MD
Leslie Lenert, MD, MS
Harold Lehmann, MD

Registration Rates

  • Fellow: $995
  • Guest: $765 (non-ACMI partner or spouse that will attend all the sessions plus food)
  • Guest: $0.00 (family members not attending sessions - all activities, meal fees are á la carte)