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A Gathering of ACMI Fellows and Their Guests

We invite all college fellows to participate in the annual 2020 ACMI Winter Symposium. The symposium is a 3-day, highly focused event that gathers today’s informatic leaders to convene in an intimate resort type atmosphere. The fellows discuss and consider presented materials and solutions in order to foster and shape relevant solutions to today’s complex informatic environments. Please join us to network and share knowledge so that we can connect, learn, grow, and lead in this important and ongoing endeavor.

The 2020 ACMI meeting will focus on clinician burnout. The National Academy of Medicine recently defined Burnout as "a syndrome characterized by high emotional exhaustion, high depersonalization (i.e., cynicism), and a low sense of personal accomplishment from work. Research shows that between 35 and 54 percent of U.S. nurses and physicians have substantial symptoms of burnout; similarly, the prevalence of burnout ranges between 45 and 60 percent for medical students and residents." AHRQ similarly defines burnout as a long-term stress reaction marked by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a lack of sense of personal accomplishment. Burnout affects all healthcare providers and is on the rise. Research to date has identified a number of factors as associated with burnout. Among these, health information technologies are often implicated. Electronic health record systems, for example, are often seen as cumbersome to use, failing to meet the promise of improved healthcare delivery, and little more than a means of meeting regulatory and billing requirements. We hope to use this meeting as a forum to discuss the role that health information technologies have in causing and mitigating burnout, identify confounding factors, and consider informatics and policy-based solutions.

Features of the Program

  • Agenda will include a mix of short presentations, panel discussions, and audience discussions and time for networking, recreation, and leisure
  • Significant time for discussion will be allotted in the program; with flexibility for the audience to select discussion topics based upon the content of the presentations
  • Possibility of developing a set of Case Studies derived from the meeting content as an ACMI product for educational purposes or formal publication

Program Committee

S. Trent Rosenbloom, MD, MPH, FACMI
Program Committee Co-chairs
Kai Zheng, PhD, FACMI
Program Committee Co-chairs
Patricia Abbott, PhD; FACMI
Program Committee
Patricia Dykes, RN, PhD, FACMI
Program Committee
David Kaufman, PhD, FACMI
Program Committee
Eric Poon, MD, FACMI
Program Committee
Hardeep Singh, MD, FACMI
Program Committee

Registration Rates

  • Fellow/International Associate: $995
  • Guest: $765

Food/ Beverages

A la carte food and beverages prices for guests:

  • Thursday welcome reception: $95
  • Continental breakfast: $55 per day
  • Friday hospitality reception: $65
  • Saturday evening dinner: $150