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Introductory Courses

OHSU – November 2017-March 2018

  • New workflow for assigning attending physician and inpatient team on admissions and transfers
  • Private Blockchain project as a POC Using the UDI mandate of the FDA as the opening to the closed EHR
  • Project management challenges for Research Informatics

10x10 with UAB – August 2016

  • Use of data analytics
  • Implementation issues in clinical decision support

10x10 with OHSU and ACEP – June 2016

  • Post-discharge text-messaging for emergency department patients
  • Remote monitoring with Kardia® mobile device for the austere environment

10x10 with OHSU – April 2016

  • Automated clinical data capture
  • Creation of a telemedicine clinical mentorship program
  • Developing a data warehouse to improve HIV research
  • Transitioning of Texas primary care

10x10 with OHSU and NYSAFP – February 2016

  • How to define normal x-rays and labs that don't need to be reviewed by non-ordering provider
  • Developing an ambulatory quality and reporting committee in an academic health center
  • Transition from a point-to-point HL7 interface to a CORHIO interface between KPCO and CHCO

10x10 with OHSU – July 2015

  • Process improvement for MarketScan access
  • Improvement of the design of an EMR for use in a NICU setting
  • Build availability of beds indicator state-wide helping to facilitate transfer between hospitals improving patient morbidity
  • Downtime processes
  • Informatics in obesity management
  • Integrated family health history and genetics into EHR
  • Cerner downtime communications

10x10 with OHSU – April 2015

  • Use of CDS to assist in meeting JCAHO requirements of stroke guideline
  • Improving drug-drug interaction alerts in a pediatric institution
  • Usability testing of Partners build of Epic

Specialty/Concentrated Courses

10x10 with IUPUI – May 2017

  • Evaluation of the effect on hospital and nursing home stays when using the NC HIE Risk Score Registry to determine the need for an unscheduled reassessment compared to using yearly risk scores supplied by CMS.

10x10 with Stanford – Sept. 2016

  • Pharmacogene summary: cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily C, polypeptide 19 and proton pump inhibitors

10x10 with Stanford – June 2016

  • Serotonin transporter gene: comparing the serotonin transporter polymorphisms and the efficacy of SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants

10x10 with Stanford – March 2016

  • Rosuvastatin pathway and clinical implications
  • Pharmacogenomics implications of the ApoB gene
  • PharmGKB summary: Pharmacogene information for uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase 1A gene (UGT1A)

10x10 with OHSU in conjunction with the Dietetic Association – April 2015

  • Implementation of EHR with ability to pull eNCPT for outcomes
  • Clinical decision support for evaluating weight changes for malnutrition assessment
  • Difficulties with documentation in the EHR