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CMI Fellows convene throughout the year. Annually, fellows and their families participate in the American College of Medical Informatics’ Symposium. This is a four-day event starting on a Thursday evening and ending on a Sunday around noon, consisting of three days of four-hour morning sessions for plenary and breakout discussions, with afternoons and evenings dedicated to recreational and social activities.

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2021 ACMI Winter Mini-Symposium

February 24, 2021

Fellows of the College are invited to participate in the 2021 ACMI Virtual Winter Program. This year’s winter meeting will consist of presentations and discussions around the findings and recommendations from the recently convened 25 By 5: Symposium to Reduce Documentation Burden on U.S. Clinicians by 75% by 2025, as well as reflections on the past and present of biomedical informatics and its implications for the field provided by our inaugural Distinguished Fellows.
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2020 ACMI Winter Symposium

February 6-9, 2020

This 3-day, highly focused event gathered today’s informatic leaders in an intimate resort type atmosphere. The 2020 ACMI meeting focused on clinician burnout.

The National Academy of Medicine recently defined Burnout as "a syndrome characterized by high emotional exhaustion, high depersonalization (i.e., cynicism), and a low sense of personal accomplishment from work.
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2019 ACMI Winter Symposium

January 24-27, 2019

The 2019 ACMI meeting focused on how informatics can be used to develop the information needed to effectively treat a patient based on both the patient’s biology and biography, or what some call medicine-based evidence.

Evidence-based medical practice is intended to reduce unexplained clinical variability and improve patient outcomes. It developed in response to medical practice that was overly reliant on observational studies and personal experience.