Clinical Informatics Diplomate Testimonials

After six years, there are now more than 1700 physicians board-certified in the subspecialty of clinical informatics. Physicians from all 24 medical specialties are eligible to apply to sit for the board certification exam.

For physician informaticians working in the field of clinical informatics, the opportunity to become certified required a personal study plan. Most physicians who passed the board also participated in the AMIA Clinical Informatics Board Review Courses—CIBRC Live and CIBRC Online Plus.

Course Evaluation Testimonials from 2017 and 2018 Learners

“Online course is perfect for ‘real world’ application of informatics as it taught me many new things that I am currently applying to my practice.”

“The course allowed me to identify areas about which I needed to learn more: programming, regulation, statistics, safety, security.”

“The combo of the live course and having the Online CIRBC content was really a good combo.”

“It [the live meeting] really was a great experience. The breadth of material covered, getting a handle on how to continue studying for the board exam, learn from content experts, and interacting with other like-minded physicians were the highlights for me.”

“Comprehensive presentation of all content; excellent speakers; high-yield content.”

“Presenters were the experts in the field, successfully packaged and shared a tremendous amount of information and knowledge contents in a very short period of time.”

“The content is fantastic, even if you don’t plan on taking the boards."

“Overall the course was very helpful, and I know there are several questions I only got right because the content was in the course.”

“AMIA's CI board review materials were excellent and very comprehensive.”

“Really high quality slides. A great overview. I learned things that I've been practicing for quite a few years and now understand them better. Great to learn my challenges in my organization are actually systemic challenges overall.”