Study Tips from the Diplomates

Participants in the Clinical Informatics Board Review Courses—CIBRC Live and CIBRC Online Plus—were asked to offer advice about preparing for the board to physicians seeking certification.

AMIA collected comments from board-certified informaticians (unedited)

  • The printed slides from the live course were a very useful reference.
  • Overall I think the materials reflected the content that was covered by the exam, so I am happy that I used them, along with reading references in areas I felt I had not already mastered by practical experience, as my primary source of study information.
  • Study with a group of others preparing for the exam.
  • Attend the live course - it was fabulous.
  • Read a good textbook on clinical informatics like Shortliffe. Look up and study the sections of the text corresponding to the questions you miss on the practice exam.
  • Focus on the material taught in the course and on review test.
  • Study the areas in the outline, go to an in person review course, study some more and take practice exams.
  • Take the live review course and avail themselves of as many sample test questions as possible.
  • I think that review of the core content as presented is critical to establish a baseline. I think that reading the articles that were referenced in the actual content slides for each of the sections was very helpful to me and should be highly recommended.
  • This course & Shortliffe text & extra reading on usability.
  • Read the formal course material and know it well. However, must read one or two other texts. There will be testing on information that is not all of the material in the formal course (in person nor on-line). The practice question were extremely valuable.
  • The on-line material supplemented with 4-5 supplementary textbooks for reference is probably sufficient for the test. Wikipedia was also extremely helpful for quickly reviewing topics covered in the course material.
  • The live course was very good and helpful for exam preparation
  • Definitely sign up for CIBRC!
  • Online module and practice test questions were very helpful. I would recommend to future test takers.
  • The board course was overall a good experience and helped me prepare, especially in conjunction with the [online] test. I would encourage any future test-takers to do both.
  • I think that the course was pretty good. I was weak in the management areas, and the board [review] really helped on that.
  • Study the recommended readings

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