AMIA 2021 Virtual Clinical Informatics Conference Posters

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Tuesday, May 18, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Integrated Clinical Pathways: Bringing Evidence and Clinical Guidance to the Frontline in the COVID-19 Pandemic
A. Bartlett, S. Makhni, S. Ruokis, L. Hall, J. Male, C. Umscheid, C. Kao, University of Chicago

A Novel Clinical Decision Support Tool using NEWS2 for COVID-19 Decompensation: A Quality Improvement Project at a Large Community Hospital System
S. Woo, Arizona State University; E. Kalpas, HonorHealth, Arizona State University; P. Butler, C. Norquist, HonorHealth

Testing and Implementation of a CDC Guideline-based Morphine Milligram Equivalent Calculator for Use in Chronic Pain Management
B. Rhodes, Alphora; K. Kawamoto, University of Utah Health; L. Marcial, S. Brown, RTI International; A. Widenor, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine; S. Nelson, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; B. Blumenfeld, J. Richardson, RTI International

Improving Management of Pediatric Cardiac Shunt Dependent Patients in the Emergency Department through Clinical Decision Support
A. McCoy, G. Nicholson, C. Estrada, A. Wright, D. Parra, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Clinical Decision Support to Prevent Unplanned Extubation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
L. Knake, D. Hatch, M. Alrifai, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

In the Context of Interruptive Clinical Decision Support, is a Picture Still Worth a Thousand Words?
T. Layng, M. Kragie, J. Lyman, University of Virginia

Development of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Classifier for COVID-19 Test Cancellation Reasons
P. Hodjat, S. Long, P. Christensen, Houston Methodist Hospital

Machine Learning for Predicting COVID-19 Complications
C. Lam, E. Pellegrini, G. Barnes, A. Siefkas, J. Hoffman, J. Calvert, Q. Mao, R. Das, Dascena, Inc.

Literature Mining Approach to Extract Drug Effectiveness in Clinical Trials. An Application to Alzheimer’s Disease
K. Hsieh, H. Hsu, D. Wang, X. Jiang, Y. Kim, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

A Digital Twins Machine Learning Model to Forecast Stroke Progression
A. Allen, A. Siefkas, E. Pellegrini, G. Barnes, J. Hoffman, J. Calvert, Q. Mao, R. Das, Dascena, Inc.

Automated Detection of Substance Use Information in Electronic Health Records
Y. Ni, A. Bachtel, K. Nause, S. Beal, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Challenges of Automating Direct Patient Notification of Drug Recalls
I. Sim, S. Carini, M. Gadgil, R. Pavlakos, B. Turner, UCSF; I. Elder, W. Hess, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; L. Houle, Conceptant, Inc.; L. Huff, E. Johanson, C. Jones, P. Ogonowski, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; J. Phipps, Conceptant, Inc.

The Integration of Provider Workload Assessment Model Within the Electronic Health Records in A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
M. Alrifai, D. France, L. Walker, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; M. Dye, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

Measuring Physicians’ EHR Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Canadian Mental Health Case Study
B. Lo, L. Sequeira, G. Strudwick, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto; D. Jankowicz, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; T. Tajirian, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto

Using Informatics Innovations and Team-based Approaches to Mitigate EHR Related Burnout and Documentation Burden
T. Tajirian, B. Lo, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health/University of Toronto; K. Almilaji, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; L. Sequeira, G. Strudwick, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto; D. Jankowicz, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

A Framework for Studying Machine Learning Methods in Healthcare: The First EHR DREAM Challenge
T. Bergquist, Sage Bionetworks, University of Washington; T. Schaffter, Sage Bionetworks; Y. Yan, Sage Bionetworks, University of Washington; T. Yu, Sage Bionetworks; V. Pejaver, N. Hammarlund, J. Prosser, S. Mooney, University of Washington; J. Guinney, Sage Bionetworks

Community Determinants of Health – Using County-level Data to Infer the Health and Wellness of Civilian Communities and their U.S. Military Reserve and National Guard Units
C. Gabrial,; M. Doan, C. Khanoyan, D. Novak, N. Stone, L. Thompson, Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization Program Office

Prediction of Acute Kidney Injury in COVID-19 Patients using Electronic Health Records
Y. Wu, W. Xu, A. Wilcox, University of Washington

Application of the National COVID Collaborative Cohort (N3C) to Assess COVID-19 Infections in Patients with Pulmonary Non-tuberculous Mycobacterium (PNTM) Infection
C. Figueroa Castro, Medical College of Wisconsin; W. Hersh, Oregon Health & Science University

COVID-19 Employee Risk Assessment Survey and Dashboard
J. Garcia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Harmonization of Data Visualization Best Practices for Rapid Communication Improvement in an Enterprise-wide Response to COVID-19
M. Sakumoto, M. Subash, B. Buchake, S. Stall, K. Burke, S. Murray, University of California San Francisco

Reducing Hospital Burden Through Telehealth: A Cost-utility Analysis of Remote Pulse-Oximeter Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients
B. Choy, S. Crawford, M. Kelley, University of Southern California; M. Miano, R. Grosso, P. Pronovost, University Hospitals; W. Padula, University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University

Synthesizing Digital Maturity Dimensions in Hospitals: A Systematic Review
R. Duncan, R. Eden, Queensland University of Technology; L. Woods, The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine; C. Sullivan, The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Implementing a Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Led Mobile Interventional Radiology Program Through the Integration of Multiple Clinical Applications
M. LeTang, S. Campbell, S. John, Y. Kit, M. Marte, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Bias In, Bias Out: A Scoping Review of Diversity in Machine Learning Research for Skin Cancer Detection
L. Guo, M. Lee, B. Kassamali, Harvard Medical School / Brigham and Women’s Hospital; C. Mita, Harvard Medical School; V. Nambudiri, Harvard Medical School / Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Pediatric Patient Portal Information Sharing: A Framework to Evaluate the Nitty-Gritty
S. Sinha, R. Puttagunta, J. Vodzak, Geisinger Health

Hand Hygiene Compliance Rate Peaks at 100% with Electronic Monitoring during COVID Pandemic, But More Recent Measurements Suggest Waning Vigilance
S. Makhni, C. Umscheid, V. Chu, A. Bartlett, E. Landon, R. Marrs, University of Chicago

fhiRclient – An R Package Implementation of FHIR Client
Q. Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Community-oriented Interoperable Elderly Healthcare Information System with FHIR and Standardized Terminologies
K. CHOI, S. Chan, C. Ho, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Leveraging Automation and Standardized Terminologies to Accelerate and Advance Real-time Insights Across 180+ Hospitals
B. Bruner, S. Shakib, C. Harp, Clinical Architecture; M. Herod, HCA Holdings, Inc.

Seasonal Trends in Pediatric Respiratory Illnesses: Using Google Trends to Inform Precision Outreach
G. Tse, L. McLean, The Hospital for Sick Children Department of Pediatrics

Using Clinical Registry Data to Improve Influenza-like and COVID-like Illness Surveillance of Health Disparities
D. Rehkopf, Stanford University, The Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences; I. Chu, A. Vala, The Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences; L. Peterson, A. Bazemore, R. Phillips, American Board of Family Medicine

Protecting Adolescent Confidentiality: Prevalence of Sensitive Terms in Pediatric Clinical Notes
M. Gill, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Nationwide Children’s Hospital; J. Lee, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; S. Yang, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Nationwide Children’s Hospital; Y. Huang, S. Lin, C. Holland-Hall, Nationwide Children’s Hospital; J. Hoffman, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Provider EHR Activity Analysis During Rapid Telemedicine Deployment Due to COVID-19: Implementation and Analysis of 7 Core Measures of Provider Activity in the EHR at a Tertiary Care Center
C. Moore, Moffitt Cancer Center, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine; A. Valenti, Cerner; E. Robinson, Moffitt Cancer Center; R. Perkins, Moffitt Cancer Center, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine

Similarities and Differences Between Healthcare Providers in Laboratory Test Name Interpretation and Preferences – A Survey
A. Carter, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc; A. Berger, Geisinger Health; R. Schreiber, Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center

Mitigating Methods with Using Standardized Terminologies at the Onset of Global Pandemic
E. Jung, A. Berdofe, K. Michelle, Biogen, Inc.

Clinical Informatics during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Implications for Emergency Department and Inpatient Operations
H. Hsu, P. Greenwald, M. Laghezza, P. Steel, Weill Cornell Medicine; R. Trepp, Columbia University; R. Sharma, Weill Cornell Medicine

Real-time Healthbot Implementation for Front-line Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
K. Noel, J. Balsamo, E. Keck, B. Redman, M. Saltz, Stony Brook Medicine

MyEDCare: Assessing Feasibility and Impact of a Smartphone-based Emergency Department Discharge Process
P. Steel, B. Farmer, R. Tanouye, A. Shemesh, D. Bodnar, J. Torres, D. Bou Eid, M. Utah, A. Jacobowitz, S. Pomerantz, Y. Zhang, Weill Cornell Medicine

Location Based Online Scheduling for Rapid Employee Testing for COVID-19
B. Haville, D. Pandita, Hennepin Healthcare

Iterative Prediction of COVID-19 Positive Tests Using Patient Symptomatology: A Learning Healthcare Framework
S. Saleh, S. McDonald, A. Chen, D. Willett, M. Basit, C. Lehmann, R. Medford, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Clinical Task Management through mHealth; A Tasmanian Experience
S. Rodrigo, Royal Hobart Hospital; S. Brodribb, Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services; S. Ayre, Royal Hobart Hospital; W. Prentice, B. Ringeisen Arnold, Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services; J. Power, P. McIntyre, Royal Hobart Hospital

Factors Affecting Automated Outreach Success for Management of Diabetes and Hypertension
S. Wang, R. Rizvi, A. Preininger, K. Draulis, W. Felix, B. Chowdhury, IBM Watson Health; G. Jackson, IBM Watson Health, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Role of Electronic Communication to Enhance Patient Trust – Results of the RECEPT Study
A. Moore, University of Colorado; M. Fisher, Towson University; C. Chavez, University of Colorado

Modeling Engagement with Online Behavioral Obesity Treatment in Primary Care: A Linear Discrete Dynamical Systems Approach
H. Espel-Huynh, The Miriam Hospital, Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School; D. Thomas, U.S. Military Academy at West Point; C. Goldstein, E. Panza, R. Wing, J. Thomas, The Miriam Hospital, Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School

Understanding Patient Engagement with a Text Messaging-based COVID-19 Symptom Tracking Program
E. Tseng, A. Singh, A. Hartzler, University of Washington

Surgeon Perceived Requirements for a Platform to Integrate Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) into Clinical Practice
L. Leonard, Burges, S. Tevis, A. Kovar, J. Billings, S. Kim, C. Lin, E. Cumbler, University of Colorado

Generalizability of Prediction Models Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in a U.S. Academic Hospital
J. Rodriguez-Fernandez, K. Chow, B. Galanter, S. Harford, K. Kochendorfer, M. Pishgar, J. Theis, J. Zulueta, H. Darabi, University of Illinois at Chicago

A Causal Approach to Understanding the Relationship between Hypothyroidism and Mood Disorders
R. Glavin, University of San Francisco; W. Bosl, University of San Francisco, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital

Tracking Hospital Visitors / Chaperones during the COVID-19 Pandemic
S. Hsu, Mackay Memorial Hospital, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences; T. Cheng, P. Chang, T. Chen, M. Lu, H. Yeh, Mackay Memorial Hospital

Safety through Screening and Effective Integration! How We Implemented a Comprehensive COVID Screening Process with Integration into the Electronic Health Record at the University of Pennsylvania Health System
C. Rosen, S. Adusumalli, Penn Medicine; A. Huffenberger, University of Pennsylvania; J. Salmon, C. Mallozzi, Penn Medicine

Electronic Quality Self-reporting Tool Improves Anesthesiology Adverse Event Reporting Four-fold
S. Kolesky, C. Van Gorkom, J. Long, T. Austin, Emory University

Defaults Matter: Changing the Pap Smear Order to Improve HPV Co-testing
A. Wright, H. Wen, W. Liu, A. Huggins, A. Wright, C. Theobald, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Quantifying Message Content to Reduce Unnecessary Inbasket Alerts
B. Steitz, L. Sulieman, J. Warner, D. Fabbri, J. Brown, A. Davis, K. Unertl, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Clinical Knowledge Management using Collibra: An Integrated Data Governance Platform
A. Rajagopalan, R. Chandras, M. Gagnidze, R. Aminian, M. Ferrauiola, D. Mann, J. Austrian, NYU Langone Health

Leveraging a Real-time Locating System to Evaluate the Impact of Telemedicine in an Emergency Department During COVID-19
B. Patel, S. Vilendrer, S. Kling, I. Brown, R. Ribeira, M. Eisenberg, C. Sharp, Stanford University School of Medicine

Primary Care Clinician Telemedicine Perspectives: An Observational Cross-sectional Study
M. Alkureishi, University of Chicago Department of Pediatrics; Z. Choo, G. Lenti, J. Castaneda, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine; S. Shah, W. Lee, University of Chicago Department of Medicine

Trends and Drivers of Digital Health Adoption in Orthopaedic Care Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
K. Zhai, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; A. Emara, V. Krebs, D. King, J. Schaffer, N. Piuzzi, Cleveland Clinic

Virtual Orthopaedic Examination of the Lower Extremity: An Emerging Practice Necessity in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic
A. Emara, Cleveland Clinic; K. Zhai, Case Western Reserve University; A. Minkara, S. Pinney, D. King, J. Schaffer, N. Piuzzi, Cleveland Clinic

Inpatient Telehealth: Assessing the Experience of Limited English Proficient Patients
L. Payvandi, F. Bourgeois, C. Parsons, J. Hron, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Screening and Managing Diabetes with Telemedicine during COVID-19: Can it Compete with Office Quality Metrics Post-pandemic?
D. Baughman, WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association; A. Waheed, WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital

Optimizing IMPROVE-DD, A Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Web Application (app) to Assess Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Risk
K. Dauber-Decker,; S. Khan, J. Solomon, F. Malik, A. Ilyas, M. Goldin, A. Spyropoulos, Northwell Health Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research; T. McGinn, CommonSpirit Health, Baylor College of Medicine

Association between Measures of Electronic Health Records’ Usability and Providers’ Cognitive Workload: A Scoping Review
K. Adapa, L. Mazur, University of North Carolina System; J. Nuamah, Oklahoma State University System; P. Mosaly, F. Yu, C. Moore, University of North Carolina System

User-centered Design of Clinical Decision Support for Hypertension Management in Primary Care Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
M. Gannon, P. Garabedian, S. Aaron, E. Wu, Z. Burns, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; D. Bates, P. Dykes, L. Samal, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Design and Implementation Considerations for Mobile Applications to Support Hospitalists: Mixed Method Pilot Study of Rounding
A. Savoy, Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, Richard L Roudebush VA Medical Center, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; J. Saleem, University of Louisville; B. Barker, H. Patel, Richard L Roudebush VA Medical Center; D. Wu, University of Cincinnati; A. Kara, Indiana University Health Physicians, Indiana University School of Medicine

Build Configuration Auditing to Prevent Recurrent Clinical Decision Support Malfunctions
D. Rubins, A. Miller, G. Zuccotti, D. McEvoy, Mass General Brigham, Inc.; A. Wright, Vanderbilt University; S. Dutta, Mass General Brigham, Inc.

A Demonstration Based Electronic Health Record Efficiency Training for Senior Medical Students
R. Puttagunta, S. Tavares, S. Sinha, L. Warsame, H. Marney, B. Levy, Geisinger Health

Wednesday, May 19, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Comparison of Responses to a Non-interruptive Depression Screening Alert between Male and Female Physicians
D. Murad, D. Bell, K. Baldwin, Y. Tsugawa, University of California Los Angeles

Patient-centered Clinical Decision Support: COVID-19 Tracker Remote Patient Monitoring Pilot
D. Lobach, A. Boxwala, Elimu Informatics; N. Kashyap, Y. Solad, Yale New Haven Health System; C. Dymek, E. Lomotan, AHRQ; K. Heaney-Huls, P. Dullabh, NORC at the University of Chicago

Improving Electronic Alert Effectiveness using Insights from Psychology and Behavioral Economics
S. Tavares, A. Goren, S. Sinha, M. Shermohammed, S. Alander, Geisinger Health

Integrated Clinical Decision Support Algorithms to Guide the Diagnostic and Management Approach to COVID-19
D. Rubins, Mass General Brigham, Inc.; L. Stratton, Massachusetts General Hospital; R. Patel, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; N. Wei, Massachusetts General Hospital; S. Dutta, R. Stevens, D. McEvoy, A. Miller, G. Zuccotti, Mass General Brigham, Inc.; E. Shenoy, Massachusetts General Hospital

Clinician Satisfaction with Clinical Decision Support to Reduce the Risk of Torsades de Pointes
T. Gallo, The University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix, The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy; C. Heise, R. Woosley, The University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix; J. Tisdale, Purdue University College of Pharmacy; C. Antonescu, Banner Health; S. Gephart, The University of Arizona College of Nursing; D. Malone, The University of Utah College of Pharmacy

Adaptation of Content Management for a Pharmacological Knowledgebase to Address COVID-19 Information Needs
J. Cunningham, J. Heiland, M. Baca, S. Kefayati, N. Kutub, S. Wang, International Business Machines Corp.; G. Jackson, International Business Machines Corp., Vanderbilt University Medical Center; E. Scheufele, International Business Machines Corp.

“Opting In” to Evidence-based Best Practice – The Heart Failure Example
J. Sattler, Saint Luke’s Health System

What Is the Post-test Probability of Disease? A Diagnostic Calculator Based on Bayes’ Theorem
S. Gamss, Temple University; Y. Ziemba, Northwell Health

Information Extraction from Pathology Reports using Natural Language Processing
J. Hoffman, R. Wong, M. Sagar, University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; C. Huang, A. Lerma, D. Kanabolo, J. Caldwell, University of Washington; J. Gore, University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

External Validation of an Alcohol Misuse Machine Learning Classifier in Hospitalized Patients
Y. Lin, Rush University Medical Center; B. Sharma, Rush University Medical Center, Loyola University Chicago; M. Afshar, Loyola University Medical Center; H. Thompson, A. Simmons, E. Kishen, K. Hill, R. Boley, K. Basques, Rush University Medical Center; D. Dligach, Loyola University Chicago; N. Karnik, Rush University Medical Center

Accurate Predictive Modeling and Risk Factor Identification for COVID-19
A. Feng, The Harker School

Predicting Hypoglycemia in Critically-ill Patients Using Machine Learning and Electronic Health Records
S. Mantena, Harvard University; A. Robles Arévalo, Universidade de Lisboa; J. Maley, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; R. Mateo-Collado, Rush University Medical Center; L. Celi, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Harvard University T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Interpretable Attention-based Models for Identifying Prescribing Patterns for Major Depressive Disorder
S. Tipirneni, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; B. Park, E. Rush, O. Ozmen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; M. Jones, M. Ward, J. Nebeker, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; C. Reddy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

A Data-driven Approach to Prioritizing Dental Patient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic
A. Glick, K. Kookal, M. Walji, S. Saeed, UTHealth School of Dentistry

Development and Validation of an Automated Algorithm to Extract Intubation, Extubation, and Reintubation Times from Routinely Collected Multimodal Data
P. Tandon, F. Cheng, S. Ranginwalla, Mount Sinai Health System; J. Wang, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; B. Percha, C. Powell, M. Kia, M. Levin, Mount Sinai Health System

Clinician Logged-in Outside Clinic Metrics: Non-proprietary Measures of Ambulatory Electronic Health Record Use Associated with Clinician Work Exhaustion
A. Sinha, T. Shanafelt, M. Trockel, H. Wang, C. Sharp, Stanford University

Beyond Getting Rid of Stupid Stuff (GROSS©) in the Electronic Health Record System: A Human-centered Approach to Prevent Clinician Burnout
A. Otokiti, C. Craven, A. Shetreat-Klein,, T. Zhou, M. Vijayaraghavan, S. Saleem, S. Cohen, J. Henriquez, G. Mcalpine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Effect of Virtual Scribes on Electronic Health Record Use Measured from Vendor-derived Data
S. Ong, E. Melnick, Yale University School of Medicine

Regional Collaborative to Optimize Capacity Management and Predict Length of Stay of Patients Admitted with COVID-19
B. Jarabek, K. Baum, D. Pandita, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Mobile and Online Tools to Screen for Autism Lack Social Inclusivity
B. Sanders, S. Bedrick, Oregon Health & Science University; S. Broder-Fingert, Boston University School of Medicine; S. Brown, Department of Human Services; J. Dolata, E. Fombonne, J. Reeder, L. Rivas Vazquez, Oregon Health & Science University; P. Fuchu, Boston University School of Medicine; Y. Morales, K. Zuckerman, Oregon Health & Science University

Crowdsourcing Data Science: NYU Langone COVID-19 Deidentified Data Challenge
E. Iturrate, NYU Langone Health

Machine Learning for Initial Insulin Management in Hospitalized Patients
M. Nguyen, Stanford University; I. Jankovic, Stanford Medicine; L. Kalesinskas, Stanford University; M. Baiocchi, Stanford University; J. Chen, Stanford Medicine, Stanford University

Get Us PPE: An Analysis of the Web Analytics of a Web-based PPE Donation Platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic
B. Hanke, Universita degli Studi di Trento; D. Lai, University College London; S. He, Massachusetts General Hospital

Development and Validation of Tableau Reporting Dashboard to Monitor Potential COVID-19 Emergency Department Arrivals
F. Day, A. Shamsian, UCLA Health

Health System Use of Dashboards and Predictive Models During a Pandemic
R. Grout, Indiana University School of Medicine, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; D. Hood, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; M. Browning, Indiana Hospital Association; S. Grannis, Indiana University School of Medicine. Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; P. Embi, Indiana University School of Medicine, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

New Models of Provider Communication in the Setting of a Virtual Clinic: Insights from Academic Health Systems and Industry
M. Sakumoto, University of California San Francisco

Equitable Distribution of Bamlanivimab for Treatment of COVID-19
D. Pandita, M. Kalina, G. Betterman, Hennepin Healthcare

A Cryptographic Framework for Lotteries in Medical Triage: Secure and Transparent Randomized Allocation of Scarce Healthcare Resources
J. Raber, Nova Southeastern University; I. Miers, University of Maryland at College Park; C. McSwiggen, Brown University; Y. Zhu, Brave Software; D. Lai, University College London; M. Green, Johns Hopkins University; A. Raja, S. He, Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

Nursing Practice Workload Data in the Pandemic
L. Whittenburg, J.P. Systems

Lost in Translation: Novel Web Application Aims to Improve Doctor-patient Communication Discourse
J. Calvano, Rocky Vista University; M. Malone, Northern Arizona University; D. Lai, University of London; S. He, Massachusetts General Hospital

A New FHIR-based API for OpenMRS
I. Bacher, Brown University; P. Mankowski, University of Washington, International Training and Education Center for Health; C. White, International Training and Education Center for Health, University of Washington; J. Flowers, University of Washington, International Training and Education Center for Health; H. Fraser, Brown University

Validation of Administrative Coding and Clinical Notes for Hospital-acquired Acute Kidney Injury in Adults
J. Zhang, University of Minnesota; P. Drawz, University of Minnesota Medical School Twin Cities; Y. Zhu, G. Hultman, G. Simon, University of Minnesota; G. Melton-Meaux, University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Medical School Twin Cities

Using Big Data to Identify Risk Factors for Opioid Abuse Among Patients with Opioid Prescriptions
X. Huo, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; A. Pradhan, F. Shaya, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy; J. Finkelstein, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Real-time Identification of Positive Suicide Prevention Screenings Without Required Follow-up Evaluation in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
D. LaBorde, Iconic Data, Inc., Brain Trust Advisors, LLC; C. Alvaro, K. Goodman, DSS, Inc.

Creating Business and Functional Requirements for Connecticut State’s Best Possible Medication History
T. Agresta, UConn Health; N. Kashyap, S. Ong, Yale University; S. Jeffery, University of Connecticut; R. Tran, R. Rusnak, UConn Health; A. Texidor, State of Connecticut

Leveraging OpenMRS as a local COVID-19 Response EMR
S. Kummamuru, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; J. Dick, Regenstrief Institute, Inc., Indiana University School of Medicine; J. Shivers, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.; B. Mamlin, Regenstrief Institute, Inc., Indiana University School of Medicine

Creation of a Clinical Informatics Elective for Pediatrics Residents at a Canadian Teaching Hospital
D. Rosenfield, The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto; K. Garrels, MetroHealth Medical Center; K. Jessa, The Hospital for Sick Children

Clinical Informatics Fellowship Graduates Jobs Survey
M. Van Cain, The University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine; J. Hron, Boston Children’s Hospital

Development of a User-centered Blockchain Personal Health Records Exchange Platform in Conformity with the Health Information Standards
K. Hong, S. Jung, K. Lim, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Using Network Analysis of Electronic Communications to Characterize Inpatient Team Collaboration
J. Kramer-Feldman, E. McCarthy, R. Khanna, University of California San Francisco

Learning During a Pandemic: Integrating EHR, Laboratory, and Outcomes Data to Better Understand Implications of a Negative Rapid COVID-19 Test
D. Willett, R. Sarode, C. Glazer, C. Rubio, D. Oliver, D. Wyatt, S. McDonald, J. Balani, F. Lee, R. Medford, E. Araj, S. Toomay, J. Malter, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

MS4-led Virtual Rounding Elective to Facilitate Clerkship Transition Among MS2s
A. Zakaria, S. Sukumar, M. Sakumoto, N. Choi, C. Lai, University of California San Francisco

Using Machine Learning to Link Smartphone Apps with Mental health
J. Ye, Northwestern University

Informatics Tools to Highlight Community Strengths and Resilience: An Approach using MyStrengthsMyHealth App and Community Engagement
R. Austin, S. Rajamani, University of Minnesota; C. Jones, Hue-MAN Partnership; C. Karow, A. Folstad, M. Eder, K. Monsen, University of Minnesota

Reported Risk Factors and Satisfaction with a COVID-19 AI Chatbot Community Engagement Tool
N. Patel, Prisma Health, University of South Carolina School of Medicine; B. Schooley, A. Singh, University of South Carolina

Evaluation of a Patient-centered Fall Prevention Toolkit to Reduce Falls and Injuries: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial
Z. Burns, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Medicine; J. Adelman, NewYork-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center; J. Benneyan, Northeastern University; M. Bogaisky, Montefiore Medical Center; E. Carter, NewYork-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center; A. Ergai, Kennesaw State University; M. Lindros, Montefiore Medical Center; S. Lipsitz, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Medicine; M. Scanlan, Montefiore Medical Center; S. Shaykevich, D. Bates, P. Dykes, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Medicine

Scoping Review of Health Informatics Tools for Community Engaged Research to Reduce Health Disparities
G. Rajamani, Stanford University School of Humanities and Science; P. Rodriguez Espinosa, L. Goldman Rosas, Stanford Medicine

Outreach with Embedded Asynchronous Care Improves Smokers’ Engagement in Physician-assisted Quit Attempts
M. Erdmann, W. Paiva, Oklahoma State University System; B. Maves, Pfizer, Inc.

Integrating the PORTER Patient-oriented Radiology Results Reporting System into an EHR Patient Portal
C. Kahn, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Implementation of Preoperative Communication Tool Utilizing the EHR
D. Carr, A. Sigueza, Penn Medicine

Reviewing the Impact of Wearable Devices on Postoperative Outcomes following Total Joint Replacement
G. Iovanel, D. Ayers, H. Zheng, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Challenges in the Creation of a Chronic Wound Care Registry Using the OMOP Common Data Model
B. McConomy, A. Broyles, S. Khokhar, T. Schleyer, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

Piloting of Electronic Case Reporting for COVID-19 Surveillance: Experiences of the Minnesota Department of Health
S. Rajamani, University of Minnesota; A. Kayser, A. Reid, S. Solarz, A. Dahlberg Schmit, Minnesota Department of Health

Factors Influencing the Use of Various Safety Metrics by Healthcare Organizations
H. Salmasian, M. Frits, S. Dulgarian,; C. Iannaccone, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; M. Laura, Kaiser Permanente; C. Roy, Maine Medical Center; L. Volk, D. Bates, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; D. Shahian, E. Mort, Massachusetts General Hospital

Clinical Decision Support Interventions Improve Adherence to Antibiotic Duration Guidelines for Community Acquired Pneumonia in the Pediatric ED
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Is the Quality of Hospital EHR Data Sufficient to Evidence Its ICHOM Outcomes Performance in Heart Failure? A Pilot Evaluation
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UI Health COVID+ Outreach Project
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Telemedicine and Its Impact on Health Equity
R. Jelinek, Hennepin Healthcare

Factors to Successful Telemedicine Visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic
K. Gmunder, J. Ruiz, University of Miami Health System

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the “Telemedicine” Go Down
L. Chu, V. Kannan, D. Willett, R. Medford, C. Lehmann, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Reducing Costs for Personal Protective Equipment during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Implementing an Inpatient Telemedicine Program
W. Ogan, W. Lancaster, D. Conrad, C. Stepter, Baptist Health Sciences University

ARIADNE (Assist foR hIp AnD kNEe): A Pervasive Tele-assessment Solution
O. Tirosh, Swinburne University of Technology; D. King, Cleveland Clinic; J. Zelcer, Swinburne University of Technology; J. Schaffer, Cleveland Clinic; N. Wickramasinghe, Swinburne University of Technology, Epworth HealthCare

Crossing Silos in the Name of Follow-up Care: The Rapid Development and Implementation of ED Video Visits At A University Medical Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Demographic Factors Associated with Successful Telehealth Visits in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients
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A Mixed Methods Survey of the User Experience of the OpenMRS EHR and Decision Support System for HIV Care in 54 Clinics in Rwanda
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User-centered Design Recommendations for Sleep Technologies That Use Artificial Intelligence
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Increasing Documentation of E-Cigarette Use in Adolescent Patients
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Quantifying SSO Time / Financial ROI for Nurses and Hospitalists Anywhere
G. Gellert, Formerly of CHRISTUS Health System, 3M

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