• Career Development for Women in AMIA

    One-on-one career guidance for early and mid-career women

AMIA 2019 Annual Symposium Career Development for Women in AMIA

Looking for personalized career development advice?
Planning the pathway to your professional future?

Pre-register by October 25th.

Tuesday, November 19
8:00 p.m. 
 9:30 p.m.
Space is limited to 75-100 applicants.

AMIA’s Women in AMIA Task Force is hosting a special event during the AMIA 2019 Annual Symposium—Career Development for Women in AMIA.

This event provides one-on-one career guidance for early and mid-career women in informatics.  The guidance is offered by a group of volunteer AMIA leaders—Career Development Guides—who are women of diverse experiences including research, executive leadership, administration, and service.

This is a great opportunity to review your CV and discuss your career vision one-on-one, on site at the Annual Symposium

How to Participate and Pre-register

  1. Review the profiles of the participating Guides.
  2. Select three choices from the Guide list as a potential match for your career goals and interests.
  3. Complete the form: name, email contact, 50-word statement, URL link biographical description (optional) and three guide selections. Complete the pre-registration form
  4. Receive a confirmation email confirming your registration and assigned match by November 8th.
  5. Attend the special event on Tuesday, November 19, 8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

The Women in AMIA Task Force will match registrants with Guides based on the information provided in your CV and optional statement.

Registration for the AMIA 2019 Annual Symposium is required to participate in the Career Development special event.

Women in AMIA Career Development Guides

  1. Joanna Abraham, PhD, Assistant Professor, Institute for Informatics at Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine

  2. Subha Airan-Javia, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

  3. Jessica Ancker, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research, Weill Cornell Medical College

  4. Catherine Arnott Smith, MS, PhD, Professor, University of Wisconsin

  5. Imon Banerjee, PhD, Assistant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine

  6. Sue Boren, MHA, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Academic Programs, University of Missouri

  7. Patricia Brennan, RN, PhD, Director, National Library of Medicine, National Library of Medicine

  8. Tiffani Bright, PhD, Research Team Lead, IBM Watson Health

  9. Catherine Craven, PhD, MA, MLS, Senior Clinical Research Informaticist, Mt. Sinai Health System

  10. Patricia Dykes, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital

  11. Margo Edmunds, PhD, Vice President, AcademyHealth

  12. Valerie Florance, PhD, Director of Extramural Programs, National Library of Medicine

  13. Kerry Goetz, MS, Health Science Program Manager, National Institutes of Health

  14. Ellen Harper, DNP, RN-BC, MBA, FAAN, Clinical Assistant Professor, The University of Kansas

  15. Andrea Hartzler, PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education, University of Washington

  16. Patricia Hinton Walker, PhD, RN, FAAN, ICF-MCC, Coach and Mentor for ICF Credentialing, Coaching Stepping Stones

  17. Xia Jing, PhD, Assistant Professor, Clemson University 

  18. Hongfang Liu, PhD, Professor, Mayo Clinic 

  19. Nancy Lorenzi, PhD, MLS, MA, FACMI, Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics and Clincal Professor of Nursing, Vanderbilt University

  20. Allison McCoy, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

  21. Danielle Mowery, PhD, Chief Research Information Officer, University of Pennsylvania

  22. Linda R. Myers, MS, AVP, Data Analytics & Technology Optimization, Parrallon

  23. Rema Padman, PhD, Professor Of Management Science And Healthcare Informatics, Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University

  24. Vimla Patel, PhD, DSc, FRSC, Senior Research Scientist and Director, The New York Academy of Medicine

  25. Wanda Pratt, MS, PhD, FACMI, Professor, University of Washington

  26. Anna Schorer, MD, Hematologist Oncologist, OncoLogic Consulting LLC

  27. Jessie Tenenbaum, PhD, FACMI, Chief Data Officer, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

  28. Kim Unertl, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

  29. Melissa Van Cain, MD, Assistant Professor, University Of Oklahoma

  30. Helen Wei, PhD, Associate Professor, Stockton University

  31. Laura Wiley, PhD, Assistant Professor, University Of Colorado

  32. Karmen Williams, DrPH, MBA, MSPH, MA, CPH, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Public and Population Health Informatics, Indiana University

  33. Deborah Woodcock, MS, MBA, Sr. Advisor, Advisory Services, Pivot Point Consulting

  34. Eileen Yoshida, RPh, MBA, FNAP, Deputy Editor of Medication and Clinical Informatics, EBSCO Health

Review the linked information submitted by the Guides and select three options. Follow the instructions above and pre-register by October 25th.


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