Gretchen Purcell Jackson, MD, PhD

2019 to 2021

IBM Watson Health/Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Gretchen Purcell Jackson is an Associate Professor of Surgery, Pediatrics, and Biomedical Informatics at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Jackson is an actively practicing pediatric surgeon and internationally recognized informatics professional with over 25 years of contributions to surgical science, informatics research, and innovations in health information technologies. Her current research is focused on empowering patients and families through health information technologies. She is the research director of the MyHealthatVanderbilt patient portal, and her work explores the use of and disparities created by such technologies. She is the principal investigator for two large cross-sectional and longitudinal studies about the information needs of pregnant women and their caregivers, funded by the Agency for Health Research and Quality.