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The 2022 nomination process is now closed

Member engagement and strong leadership are critical to the success of AMIA, and the AMIA Board of Directors play a critical role in helping to advance the association’s mission.

The 2022 Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for Chair-Elect and four (4) Director positions to help meet the changing needs of AMIA members and to continue to advance the association's strategic plan.

Members are encouraged to self-nominate or recommend other qualified members to nominate themselves.

Meet the 2022 AMIA Board of Directors.

Open Positions

The Nominating Committee is currently reviewing nominations for Board Chair-Elect and (4) Directors.

The position of Board member is the highest volunteer member contribution role for AMIA. Board members have fiduciary obligations that require members to make decisions in good faith, are in the best interest of AMIA, and are financially responsible.

The nomination criteria for a Board member balances a mix of experience, age, gender, ethnicity, geographic, and institutional balance.

Watch the Recording

Members of the AMIA Governance Committee and Nominating Committee recently discussed the nominations process and how members can get involved.


The Chair-Elect is an officer of AMIA.  The Chair-Elect will be a member of AMIA in good standing who has demonstrated commitment, active service and leadership, and is committed to furthering AMIA’s mission and vision.  The Chair-Elect will have served previously as a member of the AMIA Board of Directors.

The specific roles and responsibilities of the Chair-Elect are to:

  • Serve on the Executive Committee
  • Preside at all meetings of the Board, Executive Committee, and membership in the Chair’s absence
  • Assist the Chair in fulfilling his/her duties
  • Chair the Signature Awards Committee
  • Prepare for Chair role through the Committee appointment process

Nominees must have served previously as a member of the AMIA Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is the principal policy making body of AMIA as set forth in the AMIA bylaws and articles of incorporation. The strategic plan is set by the Board in accordance with AMIA’s mission. The Board is responsible for ensuring AMIA is meeting our strategic goals and that our finances are sound. The Board is accountable to AMIA’s members. Each Board member is expected to be a committed and participating part of the Board of Directors and be a member of AMIA in good standing.

Board members are expected to:

  • Support the mission of the organization
  • Attend board meetings as an active, prepared participant
  • Keep board materials and board conversations confidential
  • Attend AMIA meetings and membership events
  • Serve as liaisons to committees and task forces
  • Understand governing, board oversight, and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Provide a financial contribution to the LEAD Fund (100% participation is sought)
  • Respond timely to organizational requests
  • Speak knowledgeably and as one voice for AMIA

Directors serve a three-year term (2023-2025) and may be elected to serve two consecutive terms.

Expectations and Time Commitment

There are nine board meetings scheduled for 2023. Two meetings are face-to-face. One is in conjunction with the AMIA Informatics Summit and the other face-to-face is held at the AMIA Annual Symposium. Additional conference calls may be requested at any time.  

Key Attributes of a Successful Board Candidate

The ability to think strategically and analytically and to effectively communicate thoughts and the reasons for them. A demonstrated understanding of the differences between oversight and supervision.

The respect of AMIA members and a reputation for emotional maturity, personal integrity, and honesty. Experience (in informatics)/Enhances AMIA’s reputation.

To support diversity and inclusion in our organization. Perspectives or lived experiences not reflected on current AMIA Board.  Brings a new or an important perspective that is poorly represented (demographic diversity/institutional/corporate/focus area diversity).

The ability to work well with others as a member of a collaborative group with group decision-making authority and an understanding of the fiduciary duties of loyalty, care, and obedience.

A demonstrated familiarity with AMIA, its mission, vision and core values. Has served AMIA successfully in a significant number of AMIA efforts or tasks. A track record of AMIA engagement and participation.

Availability to commit time to board leadership (monthly meetings, committee leadership and liaison, and mentoring activities)


All voting AMIA members in good standing are eligible for election to the Board and Working Groups (regular, retired, life members).  

Student members are not eligible to serve on the Board but are encouraged to apply to serve as an AMIA Working Group leader.


The Nominating Committee will meet to prepare the slate of nominees for submission to the AMIA Board of Directors in early August. For more information, please view or download the Governance Manual and AMIA Bylaws.

AMIA Board Nominating Committee

  • Patti Dykes, PhD, MA, RN, Chair    
  • Arlene Chung, MD    
  • Jim Cimino, MD     
  • Peter Embi, MD
  • Gretchen Jackson, MD, ex-officio
  • Omolola Ogunyemi, PhD    
  • Carolyn Sun, PhD    
  • Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, MD     
  • Kim Unertl, PhD    
  • Yanshan Wang, PhD
  • Tanya Tolpegin, AMIA staff, ex-officio
  • Nina Richards, AMIA staff


For questions about the AMIA Board of Director elections, please contact Nina Richards, Director of Governance.