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The following positions are no longer open. Additional openings will be available in May 2022.

    The Nominating Committee is currently reviewing nominations for Board Treasurer, Board Secretary, and 4 Directors. The position of Board member is the highest volunteer member contribution role for AMIA. Board members have fiduciary obligations that require members to make decisions in good faith, are in the best interest of AMIA, and are financially responsible. The nomination criteria for a Board member balances a mix of experience, age, gender, ethnicity, geographic, and institutional balance.

    Board Positions

    Secretary of the Board of Directors

    The Secretary is an officer of AMIA. The specific roles and responsibilities of the Secretary are to:

    • Serve on the Executive Committee.
    • Report to the Chair of the Board of Directors.
    • Conduct the activities of the Corporate Secretary.
    • Sign corporate documentation when required.
    • Work with the AMIA office to manage corporate documents, minutes, records, lists and legal records.
    • Work with the AMIA office to distribute meeting materials for the Board, Executive Committee and general membership meetings in a timely manner.
    • Record actions taken during Executive Session and report such actions in open session unless the Board has sealed the Executive Session minutes. Record the appropriate abstentions and individuals that abstain from voting during Executive Session.
    • Maintain sealed records according to AMIA’s Record Retention Policy.
    • Work with the Chair to ensure the volunteer committee process is handled effectively.

    There are a few additional key attributes candidates the Secretary must possess:

    • A current active or recently past successful AMIA volunteer leader.
    • The ability to participate in complex discussion while still maintaining detail about the discussion for documentation purposes.
    • Demonstrated ethical actions and standards.
    • The ability to devote the appropriate time to AMIA.

    The Secretary’s term is two years (2022-2023) and is limited to two consecutive terms.

    Treasurer of the Board of Directors

    The Treasurer is an officer of AMIA and serves as the Corporate Treasurer and is able to sign corporate documentation when needed. The Treasurer serves as a member of the Executive Committee, Audit Committee, and Finance and Investment Committee. There are a few additional key attributes candidates must possess:

    • A current active or recently past successful AMIA volunteer leader.
    • A thorough understanding of financial reports.
    • The ability to translate financial information and concepts for the board.
    • Maintain a partnership with AMIA staff to develop a budget and budget tools for the Board and volunteer committees.
    • Bring financial leadership to the organization by combining strategic thinking, long-term planning, and leadership skills to connect AMIA’s finances and its mission.
    • The ability to devote the appropriate time to AMIA.

    The Treasurer’s term is two years (2022-2023) and is limited to two consecutive terms.

    Board Director

    The Board of Directors is the principal policy making body of AMIA as set forth in the AMIA bylaws and articles of incorporation. The strategic plan is set by the Board in accordance with AMIA’s mission. The Board is responsible for ensuring AMIA is meeting our strategic goals and that our finances are sound. The Board is accountable to AMIA’s members. Each Board member is expected to be a committed and participating part of the Board of Directors and be a member of AMIA in good standing.

    Board members are expected to:

    • Support the mission of the organization.
    • Attend board meetings as an active, prepared participant.
    • Keep board materials and board conversations confidential.
    • Attend AMIA meetings and membership events.
    • Serve as liaisons to committees and task forces.
    • Understand governing, board oversight, and fiduciary responsibilities.
    • Respond timely to organizational requests.
    • Speak knowledgeably and as one voice for AMIA.

    Directors serve a three-year term (2022-2024) and may be elected to serve two consecutive terms.

    Working Groups

    Working groups offer excellent opportunities for young informatics professionals to gain early career leadership experience and for longer-term AMIA members to share valuable knowledge and perspective as leaders. Nominations for Working Group leaders are managed within each working group.

    The Nominating Committee will present the final slate to the AMIA Board in the fall. After the slate of nominees is announced, instructions on voting will be posted on the AMIA website.


    • May - June: Self nominations
    • September - October:  Election open for voting
    • Winners announced at AMIA's Annual Symposium